Monday, May 10, 2010

A little whimsicality

A few questions for the ages. What is Monday for? Why was it created? What good is it?
These are the questions burning in my brain on this Monday , May the 10th.
A day in which I'm not really doing a hell of a lot. Outside of thinking of dinner, what there will be of it, doing dishes, laundry and pondering the reason for the existence of Mondays.

Now as those who've known me a while understand..I tend to take the Garfield approach to Mondays. I don't like them and they don't like me, this applies to a lot of people I think. I don't get the pie in the face upon exiting my bed, as does everyone's favorite sarcastic cat. However Monday rarely fails to serve up some annoyance and/or misery For instance..I didn't go to bed til late..or rather, early this morning..about 3am or so. Getting to sleep was a challenge..I kept on waking up and couldn't get comfortable for love or money. My neck is sore, alas I think I laid on it wrong.
Sometimes I feel completely as does Garfield the Cat; The ONLY reason there's a Monday is so there is something between Sunday and Tuesday. The upshot, if you continue to reason it out, is that if we did not have Monday to bitch and moan about; is that we'd be bitching and moaning about Tuesday.

Truth be told I honestly don't KNOW why there is a Monday. I can speculate though. My speculation is a little lacking in facts and figures you are:
Most everyone hates going back to the daily grind after a weekend of relaxation, drunken debauchery, lots of gratuitous sex, etc. Therefore Monday was created as a pressure valve to Make us hate it. Why? So that in hating it, we get out all our aggravation on Monday letting us focus, man up , calm down and get through the rest of the week, with whatever task or job is before us without stressing about being back to work after having a weekend we never wanted to see end.

That's my theory in a nutshell. now, if you will excuse me, (even if you don't excuse me) I'm going to nuke a hot dog for lunch.

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