Sunday, March 15, 2009

The 912 Project and We Surround Them

Yes we are all having good Ideas. But remember its not just about getting RID of the useless politicians we disagree with. Its about [to me at any rate] Getting rid of ALL of them. And by all I mean not just the jackasses in DC. I mean on a local and state level too. As my meeting groups leader pointed out to us at the reviewing we had of the friday show yesterday afternoon. It starts on the local level..people on city council go from there to state or they just bypass state and go straight to the federal level. Take the case of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee frpm Texas. She started out on the city council in Houston. Then she went from there to run a campaign for a seat in DC. She's so far left I'm suprised she can walk upright. But my point is she started in the little leagues before she got to DC. So by all means.lets get rid of the fools in DC...but DO NOT forget about your City Councils, your City's Mayors, and your State's Legislators. Other wise the changes we make in DC won't mean diddley squat.

I've heard from one of the members of the local group that there is a company that reads the emails, and letters we send to DC to our representatives and senators. They then put you down as a tick mark on a chart as to what your supporting/nonsupporting bill wise or what your beliefs are, or what your upset or happy about. I'm not saying don't send them letters if you want to..I'm suggesting[also spoken by a member of my local meeting] phone calls and personal face to face meetings with them.

Now on to the ideas. Glenn said start around the kitchen table and he's right in that respect. Start with dinners with your neighbors, bbq's, just sitting or standing in the front yard chatting with a neighbor. Print business cards with the 9values and 12principles on them. Go to the Heritage Foundations website and order copies of the Pocket Constitution....
there's a link to buy mulitiple copies and pass them out. Talk to friends an fellow citizen's at your local tavern, at the park, at your kids various sporting events etc. Pool your groups resources and buy the Pocket Constitutions in huge bulk quantities for that matter and give them out to your neighbors. Put them in your neighbors mailboxes. If you don't have the money for that..just use your computer and printer and paper. Print the 9-12 on one side with the 912website URL and your local We Surround Them groups URL. On the other side print the words [or something similar] 'Do You believe in any, most or all of whats printed on this sheet? Then stand up for your beliefs.' Or simply 'For my neighbors..' And again put them in your neighbors mailboxes.. Again these are just don't HAVE to do it the way I suggest. Me..I may do some of what I suggest in the near future but for now..I blog. I'll do posts on government wastes, stupidity and outrages..local in some cases, state or federal in others. I'll also start posting once or twice a week [I haven't quite worked out how I want to schedule it in my head] Qoutes and passages from the founding fathers. From the Constitution, from the Federalist Papers, from Common Sense, Rights of Man and others written by Thomas Paine and quite probably from the book that I'm reading right now by T.J. Stiles "The American Revolution: First Person Accounts by the Men Who Shaped Our Nation" It was given to me in the last week by a it may be hard for you guys to was published in 1999. :) According to the cover it was originally published as [under the title of] In Their Own Words:Founding Fathers

Oh, aside from the suggestions I've made; you can also make or have made your own Tshirts, Polo shirts, Jackets and hats. [borrowed from a new member of my local group :)] thats a way to get the message out there and by wearing them, your wearing conversation starters. We can get people who haven't heard of the We Surround Them/912 Project; because I doubt the MSM aka Main Stream Media [or as I call them the Main Sewage or Massively Stupid Media] is going to give this much airplay or print coverage.

Okay, I'm giving myself carpal tunnel here so I've got to break off for now.

Good Luck and God Bless America.

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