Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gov't going after farmers again.

It seems the gov't has decided to fuck around with the american grower again. This time their going after the small niche growers.

Notice I said their going after the small farmer "again". Why do I say this? Well I'll tell you, because back in the early 80's the government suggested small farmers go big or don't show up for the party. If the small farmer opted to listen to the government they got the government telling them or trying to tell them..where to plant, what to plant, and when to the farmers didn't know that better than the government idiots who sat on their fat asses in the capital somewhere smoking a cigar, drinking an alcholic beverage, while getting blown by a crack whore...all at taxpayer expense I might add. The farmer also had the government telling them they need to buy all these tracts of land and all this expensive ass new equipment to work it with. The insidious part of this is..when the farmers said "are you fucking nuts we can't afford this?" The gov't responded by saying 'no problem we will give you lowcost federal loans and subsidies to pay for it up front and then you can pay us back later.' *headdesk, headdesk headdesk*
Let me point out something to you reader if you haven't put it together yourself yet..the farmer wouldn't have NEEDED all that expensive equipment if the goddamn government hadn't stuck its nose in a place it doesn't belong! Why did they stick it that the big farm combines aka corporate run farms could make a better profit when the little guys dropped out.

Now their at it again creating a Food Safety Admin, another government entitity we don't need since we already have one. Maybe you've heard of it? Its called the Food and Drug Admin or the FDA for short. A bureau by the way, that Obama is going to give more money and power to.
How is creating the FSA going after Organic farmers? One of its primary jobs will be to monitor and suggest improvements to those farmers and REGULATE them...., for the health of the general population of course since we the people are too stupid to take care of ourselves.

Call your congress twits boys and girls, if you have the wherewithal to do it go and get a meeting with them live and in living color. Tell them to Knock. It. Off. and kill this proposed Administration before it has a chance to get off the ground.

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