Sunday, June 26, 2011

Business owners fight sanctuary city bill

In a move of supreme lunacy..not to mention unenlightened self interest. Two huge Houston business owners have thrown themselves into the fight against the "Sanctuary Cities" bill in the state senate.

What business owners, last names Butt and Miller[Butt owns HEB grocery chain. Miller I thin owns Miller Builders.] are fighting to get removed is the requirement that if you get pulled over you get your immigration status checked. Which to me again is lunacy. It's only going to happen IF they get pulled over, and the officers have to have a reason other than "race" to pull you over.Race is actually a misnomer but if you're a reader we've had this conversation before.

What is all this problem with having your immigration status checked? If you're a citizen, holding a green card, or have a visa you won't have a'll just be given a ticket or a warning for whatever inattentiveness you were up to and go on your merry way. Carrying your green card or your visa should be the same as carrying your should ALWAYS be on you if you're out and about..even if it's just a quick trip up to the corner stop and rob.

If your offended by this, I really don't care. If the government had been enforcing the goddamn laws for the last 20yrs or so and actually SECURING THE GODDAMN BORDER! *shrug* we wouldn't be having this conversation now, would we? I don't care if you're contributing to society. If you came across the border illegally, you need your ass thrown back over. You do not get the same privleges as those who actually went thru the system and are here and have their citizen ships legally.
It not only infuriates those of us who are natural born citizens but REALLY infuriates those immigrants who went through the system, of whom I've talked to many. You think I'm being pugnacious about this? Talk to one of the legal immigrants who went through the system to get their citizenship papers. They are so beyond pissed it ain't funny.

You know the fact that Butt and Miller are raising such a fuss makes me wonder if it's not time to raid their business. See how many who work for them are here illegally. Interesting thought ain't it?

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