Friday, July 1, 2011

I worry and wonder

I see posts by fellow bloggers of Black punks rampaging in groups of anywhere from 20-100 of them, attacking anyone white who gets in their way, ransacking stores and stealing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise before running off, going into food establishments and abusing the patrons before running off laughing. Yes you might here stories about this stuff going on but one of the things you'll never seem to hear from the Massively Shitbrained Media is that the groups of punks are ALL black. One of the most recent the other day happened in the Philly area and the ones they did arrest ranged in age from 11[!!!] to 19. By and large there are very few arrests made in these cases that I'm hearing about. So whats going on? must be that Hope and Change, Obama promised.
Here are a few examples as found by a fellow blogger.

Then I hear stories out of England:

that make me think of some of the crap our OWN government will pull, hell are already pulling using 'Eminent domain" as an excuse if we let them and don't bring them to heel.

Right now we have a President who in his speech yesterday, took a congress to task for not being in town enough to do their jobs while he's had to be there for all the tough decisions and is"always here". Yet after that speech where is he? and where is the congress? WEll HE is ensconced at Camp David for the holiday. Congress's various members couldn't get on planes to get out of town fast enough!

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