Friday, August 20, 2010

Heavy Thinkin

Been doin a lot of it lately. Guess it's been brought on by what's going on in the world and in my life. Anyway..when I get tired of rereading other stuff I invariably pull out my Rudyard Kipling. His complete verse. [collected poems in one book.]

One I don't remember reading before today hit me. It's titled 'The Fabulists:

When all the world would keep a matter hid,Since Truth is seldom Friend to any crowd,Men write in Fable, as old AEsop did,Jesting at that which none will name aloud.And this they needs must do, or it will fallUnless they please they are not heard at all.

When desperate Folly daily labourethTo work confusion upon all we have,When diligent Sloth demandeth Freedom's death,And banded Fear commandeth Honour's grave--Even in that certain hour before the fall,Unless men please they are not heard at all.

Needs must all please, yet some not all for need,Needs must all toil, yet some not all for gain,But that men taking pleasure may take heedWhom present toil shall snatch from later pain.Thus some have toiled, but their reward was smallSince, though they pleased, they were not heard at all.

This was the lock that lay upon our lips,This was the yoke that we have undergone,Denying us all pleasant fellowshipsAs in our time and generation.Our pleasures unpursued age past recall,And for our pains--we are not heard at all.

What man hears aught except the groaning guns?What man heeds aught save what each instant brings?When each man's life all imaged life outruns,What man shall pleasure in imaginings?So it hath fallen, as it was bound to fall,We are not, nor we were not, heard at all.

It resonates with me right now. Why? well..because so many close their ears and eyes to reality and would rather live in their own little world. When you try to open their eyes to the truth of what's going on; you're ridiculed, chastised and told to go away. No one wants to see the yoke of tyranny we are under, let alone admit it exists. Everytime I turn around the government passes some new 'law' or 'program' they say 'we the people' have been clamoring for, for years. All the while we're screaming "you are a bunch of fucking liars" but the government listens not through the years. The yoke gets bigger, the burden grows heavier and we head futher down the road to returning to some of the worst years in the history of the world. Because this batch of idiots in power says "it failed because WE weren't born yet. Our ancestors who failed at this weren't as smart or as knowledgble as we are. WE will make it work even though history tells us again and again, the road we're on leads to collapse and epic failure" And yet again our warnings fall upon deaf ears. Some say that november will mark a step on the return to a government that listens to what the people say. A step on the road to reducing the government by leaps and bounds, cutting into it's power and returning it to the people. Sadly..I think while this may eventually end up being true.... it won't happen right away and it won't happen without bloodshed. Fore those who are addicted to

power seldom give up that power willingly or without a fight. History teaches us this also. Also to be honest there isn't much more than .02 difference between one side of the power structure[the democrats] and the other. [the repubs] Until they all learn to fear the people, until the bulk of them are replaced by those who don't have a vested interest in keeping the current clusterfuck going. *shrug* I believe the election will most likely be nothing more than a change in name for the same old shit, NOT a change in direction. I hope I'm proved wrong..but I'm not gonna hold my breathe.


  1. Great Post! I always learn something when I come here...

    Common Cents

  2. Then you are gonna looooove then next one Steve. although the one I'm fixing to write is more in the nature of a rant than anything else. 2 pieces of news have managed to annoy me into ranting lunatic mode.

  3. That was probably one of the smartest things I've read today.

    1. and considering I wrote it just shy of 25 months ago...with what's going on it's even more heartbreaking to see what's happening and scary because..dammit..I, you and the rest are going to have to try and survive through this shit long enough for the goddamn grasshoppers to die.


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