Monday, September 6, 2010

Islam, Liberalism and the same hat they both wear.

You folks may or may not find the idea the simple sentence of the title of this piece states..logical.
However let me break it down for you:
Liberalism..would have this country made "better" than we are. They would change us into a "socialist utopia". They are espousing ideals that have been proven time, and time again destroy a nation, make it's people slaves. If you don't like word slave to damn bad, I REALLY don't care. I will however give you another alternative word to use which in effect means the same thing. Serfdom. It is, as I've stated before, a return to some of the worst times, and places world wide. One would just subjugate us here at home. The other would subjugate the entire world.
Serf: a laborer who was not allowed to leave the land he worked. [socialism]
Slave: a person who is owned by another. [islam]
In the end it all ends up the same way. The poor get poorer, or STAY poor and are controlled with NO hope of ever being better than they are. Eventually the first generation of either one gives birth to the next generation of slaves. Thus the children, and the childrens children, and those who follow are born being owned by another right down into perpetuity. Used, abused, raped, beaten and then tossed aside like garbage when the kind and benevolent government of the socialist utopia/ Caliphate is done with them.

Socialism.liberalism would have you subservient to a great beureaucratic dictatorial nightmare of a government. Be chattel, serfs attached to the land for the 'greater good of the homeland. It doesn't work. Time and history prove that . It is not beneficial to the people as a whole but only to a few at the very top of the power structure. Don't believe me? Fine, study the histories of Russia, Hell of china. Names in history like Stalin, and Mao. Study and learn. Those men, what they espoused, the socialist ideals they tried to spread, killed millions upon millions of people. As though the people that died were kleenex, to be used and tossed aside. THIS is what the liberals would have America turned into? I don't think so.

Islam would do that to us as well. They make no equivocations about what they intend for America and the world. THEY will rule. It's their way or die. Anyone who would not convert would die. Most would be killed out of hand anyway. even those who "convert" or what they would call reverts, since they hold that Islam is the one true original religion, and the rest are just ideas and people who have strayed, are slaves. The women and children raped on a regular and repeat basis and tossed aside when the rapists are done. Beaten over and over again and if the beatee dies..tossed aside like so much garbage.

What they are really after isn't just the destruction of a people, of a country, in other words US! What they are after is the destruction of a belief, an Idea. That ALL men are created equal, and meant to live free. What they are after is an Iconoclasm, because they are Iconoclast.

Iconoclast: one who would attack cherished beliefs.

In other words...any knowledge of a life any other way would be destroyed. Books burned, historical records and texts, destroyed or rewritten. Anyone who in the first iteration of what they attempt who has memory of what has come before and holds hard to those ideas and ideals would be tortured and killed, as an object lesson that those ideas and ideals are wrong. abomination.
Abomination: destestable, loathsome, unpleasent.

The idea of being free, free to choose, free to not labor in the same way your fathers have done, free to disagree, free to love, free to choose and find your own beliefs. Free to marry whom you choose, and not have your choice made for you before your even old enough to think and make decisions for yourself. All of this is anathema to those who practice/preach the liberal/socialist way. It is also anathema, unholy and unworthy in the eyes of those who preach/practice the Islamic faith.

Think I'm wrong? study history. don't believe my definitions of the words I've given you? Then, GO. LOOK. THEM. UP. YOURSELVES!

Those who believe in liberalism/socialism would have you believe that every thing that makes this country great, everything that has made it what it is, allowed us to come further in just over 200 years, than other nations have come in more than a 1000 years. Those things are bad, are wrong, make us evil. America, where you are free to be who YOU choose. Americans who at the end of war, don't subjugate, deride and enslave our enemies; but build them back up at our own expense. Americans who give more in aid to various natural disasters, famines, hurricanes, earthquakes, than most every other nation in the world combined Yep we're evil alright. *snort*
Islam however, I think hates us because we have advanced, while they continue to live in an anywhere between 12th to 14th century mindset.

Let me leave you with another thought..another word:
Genocide:The systematic deliberate extermination of a nation or people. That is in the end what will become of us, if we surrender to either liberalism or islam.
Some people have called me genocidal for my beliefs about what must be done about islam. Am I after the deliberate extermination of a people? No..I'm after the deliberate destruction and erasure of an idea, a religion. The end effect would be Genocide because it would lead to the extermination of a metric fuckton of arab people, and the destruction of basically all the middle eastern nations. But arabs will not be the only ones to die in great numbers..their are practicing muslims in Russia, china and elsewhere. they are here in America as well. So is socialism, it's dressed up in the pretty clothing of the word liberalism, but it is socialism.
Frankly I think Islam will be the easier of the two to deal with in the end.
For liberalism to win, only requires that as we have been doing. We let the state and the schools indoctrinate our children. Teach our children subservience to the state as a grand idea from an early age. That is all liberalism needs to win. Eventually we will be gone and our children will remain. When we who believe in American greatness are gone...who will teach and show the children that what they've been taught is a perversion? A lie? I don't know that it's as bad in the elementary and intermediate schools as it is in the colleges. Our colleges tend to be bastions, fortresses of liberalism. If that thought doesn't give you nightmares it bloody well should. It gives me really bad ones. If it doesn't however...*shrug* dig a hole, you're probably gonna need it. As a spiderhole to hide in if nothing else.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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