Friday, September 24, 2010

UAW Brew Crew and Chrysler/GM

I had a real good laugh at the video today..but I was also in awe. One of the chicago machine liberal talk radioheads up there..said 'drinking and drug use on the'll find it at every plant in america" o_O. I was laughing because she did have somewhat of a point. I was a great one for going and grabbing a brew at lunch at one time. Of course I was also grabbing lunch at the same time. These idiots weren't even grabbing a bite..just a brew. Slamming back 40oz in 10-15 mins and then back in time to go back to work on time on the other hand..with out even bothering to eat? Not good. 40oz is the equivlent of 3 normal beer can/bottles and change. The 40oz and 'kingsize' can one of them bought and slugged back, depending on whether it was an 18 or 24oz can..was a minimum of 580z or 5 cans of beer. basically almost an entire 6pack. Slamming that back in less then 20 mins on an empty stomach with no food involved is NOT a good idea.

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