Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We the People, the Tea Party and November..

I was watching Megyn Kelly's show a little while ago, and she played a clip of Mr. Charles Krauthammer basically saying, that if the Tea Party backed candidates win their primaries; it would spell possible disaster towards the Republican party's chances for a "bloodbath" against the Democrats come November. With all due respect to Mr. Krauthammer, whose opinions I generally agree with by the way; this is no longer about which party runs congress. The fact that most of the candidates the Tea Party backs have an R before their names, means damn little to me and others. It's about 'we the people' putting into place, congresscritters who remember just who pays their obscene and wholly unearned salaries. Who truly understand the words Honor, Respect, Integrity, Personal Responsibility and Fiscal Responsibility. Congresscritters who don't just mumble these words in a speech as meaningless platitudes to get elected. Who understand that you do not make money, grow the economy and balance the budget by taxing the people to death and then spending that money like a drunken sailor in a whorehouse! At least when the drunken sailors money is gone he understands that there isn't going to be anymore booze, or pleasant interludes with the ladies. Well..the sailor understands if he isn't so far gone in the bottle that he can't walk straight, let alone think coherently. :)

This election is about we the people standing up and telling the politicians, and those who don't believe as we do on both sides of the aisle..'"shut the hell up, sit the hell down, stop acting like spoiled, thuggish brats in a candy store, and start acting like responsible adults goddammit!" The people are sick of it. Tired of all the endless bickering. Tired of all the finger pointing. We the people are weary almost unto death of it. Enough. No More. This country can no longer afford such willful, reckless, and abject stupidity.

Not if we are to truly remain and survive as the land of the free and the home of the brave.


  1. The big problem. The polls keep working on the assumption that they put an R or D behind their names. They forgot that they first need to put an A there. So when are they going to represent those who elected them The American people. .
    Either we turn it around or the second amendemnt option will oome to pass

  2. Aaaaah! You're both full of shit. Idiots. I'm gonna vote straight Democrat, the party OF the People and FOR the people.
    The Republicans and Tea Baggers are asshole buddies!

    [drooly snigger]

  3. silvermane..ayup. kinda my point. :)

    Basset..sarcasm? I'm shocked. Shocked do you hear me?!


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