Sunday, September 19, 2010

A little light rambling today..nothin heavy

It's a good day today so I'd rather not get annoyed discussing the Politics and our politicians in particular. BTW The P word is on my list of 4 letter words..did you know that?

Just got back a little while ago from seeing the movie Easy A. Stars Emma Stone as a young previously...unnoticed and untalked about girl in school. Til she helps a gay friend get left alone by having..fake sex with him. which is of course appropos since they're reading The Scarlett Letter in english class. She shortly thereafter gets labeled the school slut and decides she's gonna own it, if they're gonna call her that. It situation devolves from there. The movie was funny, snarky and entertaining as all get out. I gives it a 5 outta 5. No, the fact that I find Emma Stone hotter than hell had NO involvement in my decision making process to go see this film. None at all.........

I'm going back to the theatre in a little while to see Resident Evil:Afterlife.

Did ya'll know I love blues music? I've always lamented there's not a station that plays it. I discovered recently a "Progressive" [see radical commie liberal] radio station that also has various music programs. I mention this because on sundays from 8am til..6 in the evening, they rocks a line up that starts with a show they call the music of new orleans. Some blues, zydeco..etc. then from 11pm-2pm is a show called best of the blues. I love the dj he gives you the backstory on quite a bit of the music he plays..and I love it. Then after that is another blues show called Howling the Blues runs til 4 or 5 and then they run an hour of blue grass. the radio station is called KPFT. The rest of the week I can't stand them but..sundays I listen most of the day. Hell if they went to nothing but; blues, bluegrass, zydeco and jazz programming 24/7 I'd die a happy man. not gonna happen but a man can dream.

now for a book plug or 6. Yes amazingly enough the curly wolf does like to read. Scifi predominantly.

Here's a few books with amazon links to check out if you like guns, girls, aliens, more guns, monsters, more guns, earthshattering KABOOMS....*grin*

Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. First in a series. Probably the best authorial debut I've seen in recent years. The story is told with a sense of humor as well as deadly seriousness where the situation being described is concerned. I loves it my precious I LOVES it!
Here's the link..with the story line etc.

The follow up novel Monster Hunter Vendetta comes out in the next week or so and your favorite curly one will be rushing right out to buy it. Matter of fact think I'll check with my local borders to see if its out early.

Now another one I suggest you check out is another first of a series. The series is called Troy Rising. the first novel is called Live Free or Die. The author..John Ringo is nothing if not prolific..he's really close to having released 40 novels in the last decade. The frequency does NOT diminish from the quality of the story, the characters etc etc. Put it this way...I own EVERY novel he's written to this point...including books he's co authored with other authors.
here's the link to Live Free or Die. There ain't a bad one among them. there is one I like less than the rest but it's not bad.

the second novel Citadel is due the beginning of january. I'm personally betting it'll hit right around christmas..can we guess what the curly wolf wants for christmas? *grin* I've already read it because the nice thing about the publishing house that publishes all these novels I'm listing is you can get Electronic Advanced Reading Copies...several months before they come out on the shelves in all formats. So I have read Citadel already..but, did I mention this guy is goooood?

I'm feeling positively giddy because I found out recently that book 3 in the series The Hot Gate is due out right around my birthday.

Another interesting read is a novel called Ragnarok by Patrick Vanner. It's Patrick's debut novel and its a good one.

The only thing I found odd was that it was released as a Trade sized paperback as opposed to a mass market paperback.

I've also found myself reading Thomas Paine.

The constitution.

The Federalist Papers..

Rudyard Kipling: The Complete Verse..because as most soldiers will tell one says it better than Kipling.

Awww's a list with links of Authors I love to read..over and over again. I won't list Ringo or Larry Correia..since those two should be fairly obvious to you by now. :)

Wm Mark Simmons

Tom Kratman

David Drake

Lois McMaster Bujold

Michael Z. Williamson.

Mark L. Van Name

Elizabeth Moon

David Weber

Sarah Hoyt. Who also writes under a couple aliases. Chief among them Sarah D'Almeida,
Elise Hyatt and there's another one I can't think of right now.

Robert A. Heinlen.
The master of them all..he may be long dead but he's still so relevant it's scary.

Now if you have left leaning, liberal tendencies I will warn you now...Ringo, Williamson, Kratman...and most likely Drake and Correia, will make your heads explode. Do NOT come bitching at me and saying it's my fault, if your blood pressure spikes, after reading these authors. You were warned my loyal readers..that's all I gotta say on that

Oh for the EARCS and ebook copies of most of the books of these authors except for Some of Sarah Hoyt's stuff and Elizabeth Moon...go to and click on the webscriptions tab.

Also a good number of novels by the various authors are available in the FREE library on Again in all formats.

Knock yourselves out children.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. You forgot one of Ringo's best and most prophetic, The Last Centurion. It was written about 2 years before the Great Pretender moved into the mansion on Penn Ave.

  2. au contraire..I did NOT forget. It's just it's a bit depressing for being fairly prophetic.. So far we've managed to dodge the bird flu, and he was off in that we got the great pretender instead of Queen Bitch of the Universe...other than that..scary dude.

  3. Damn "almost pedoplile!" You're turned on by a HIGH SCHOOL girl.... Good thing she's actually 22 years old.


  4. *grin* she's not only of age but also not a natural redhead.


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