Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sad when my favorite forum has to close a conference

The Forum is The Bar. For those that know it, that name is enough. For those that don't..*shrug* well if any uber left trolling twits happen to find my happy home here..the bar doesn't need any more trolls..the newest Zampolit that pushed buttons left and right, made posts that made no sense and pissed everyone off, troll enough thanks. The conference was politics. For my barfly family that might come over here to play and comment on anything I might happen to post...Well you guys know me so the fact I'm more likely to use a 2x4 metaphorically speaking and prone to the occasionally uberly bad tempered rant won't come as a shock. Oh, this place is simple..just a few chairs for me and a cooler of brew I keep for myself by the fireplace. I can spare a few bottles for sure..however.. You want something to drink you'd al probably best bring your own coolers. Since I'm not too sure you guys and gals will like what I'm drinkin. OTOH if you're feeling industrious feel free to build a bar along the south wall over there *gestures at the south wall with his thumb* If you do..keep it simple. A fantasy novel style taproom if you catch my drift?

Anyway..since there's no telling how long Politics will be closed...could be just a few days..could be til after the midterm barfly family, along with most anyone who happens across the joint, as always is always welcome around here. OTOH if too many of you show up I may need to get industrious myself, knock down a wall and expand the place.
Feel free to talk amongst yourselves whilst I sit here by my fire and sip on a bottle.

Edit 956pm or 2156 for those of you on military time. Which oddly enough I actually prefer. many of my clocks are set to it. :)
I was looking at my blog log/archive. I made 15 posts in the month of september. half as many posts as there are days. which is probably a record for this year. I've also noticed that in 09 I made 67 posts all year. so far this year I've made 70. The computer has decided to go off line or freeze 2x while trying to write this addendum. I'm occupying myself by pulling out and starting to reread Rush Limbaugh's "the way things ought to be" circa 1992. almost 20years ago now. I expect what he wrote and opined in the book twenty years ago will still hold up. I'll let you know. Hell I may even post snippets. Which will get the tranzi's knickers in a twist. Works for me *evil grin*


  1. Yeah, the zampolit was pushing it. Raising blood pressures etc... Good thing I am so mellow and laid back. I never let, the zampolit get to me.
    I'm just sooooo polite and all.


  2. *raises an eyebrow* You? mellow and laid back? Who are you and what have you done with my brother basset? :P


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