Monday, October 4, 2010

Obama's New Chief of Staff

Ladies and Gents for those that haven't's this guy.

Now everyone keeps saying Interim which to me means temporary. So does this mean that Obama will choose another permanent CoS after the elections are over? Who the hell knows. Personally I suspect Rouse may be the permanent replacement. We'll know for sure sometime after the midterms I expect. He's a political 'fixer', an 'insider'..I ask you do we really want another insider? I think not. OTOH it's endemic of Obama's way of thinking and doing things. Now Rouse once worked for Tom Daschle, pundits are pondering between this and the likely results of the upcoming election if this means that Obama will govern from center for the rest of his term instead of from far left. My own thought on this is "Obama govern from center? not frackin likely". I don't think he has it in him. If anything..I suspect he'll become even more strident and vocal after the mid terms. He may surpise me and go relatively quiet but I doubt it.

Back to Rahm 'the Ramrod' Emanuel for a minute. He's leaving to run for Mayor of Chicago? If he succeeds god help the people of Chicago. At least those with more than 4 brain cells to rub together. OTOH....the people of Chitown have done this to themselves for decades. So if he succeeds it'll be because of the chicago machine. I wonder how they'll get around the requirement/law that states anyone who runs for mayor has to have 'lived' in the city for at least a year prior to running for the office. Yes he's from Chicago but....

I "hope" Rahm is gonna have a major problem floating this one past the courts..which he'll probably have to do. He has lived in DC since the Election of The One. He vacated then rented out the house he lived in. We have a similar problem in my neighborhood trying to get some of the by laws of the community changed. Requires a vote from at least 75% of the homeowners. Only one problem..something like 55% of the people who OWN the homes don't even live in the goddamn state. The community board doesn't know where or how to find them.

Only time shall tell in both cases.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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  1. If Chicago wants Rahm they can damn well have him, after-all, they deserve him.

    As for Obama, I don't think he's capable of being anything less then total liberal.

    After Nov. 2nd, he'll be hell bent on passing anything and everything he can shove down our throats or up our a**es.

    I honestly believe he wants to emulate the despots of the world where he thinks he will be invited into their clique.


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