Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missives from the TeaHAG

Okay lads and lasses. On top of the Rush Projects..I will also be doing these 'Missives from the TeaHAG' posts. As I've told you before a friend of mine has started blogging on her FB...and she's now given her TeaHAG pen name it's own page to post blog entries on. At the moment..I'm thinking these will be 'semi regular' but the lady may surprise me..she generally does. Probably because she's a natural redhead. :)
anyway..without further ado..I bring you her voice:

Al Queda's Online Magazine, where's the outrage?

by Tea HAG (Heroine Against Government) on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 10:35pm

This summer Al Queda introduced an Online English Language Magazine that encourages "Lone Wolf" or individual terrorist actions on a small scale. This supposedly is sent out by e-mailing a link to the subscribers and targets English Language readers and essentially lays down how to operate one man operations. It seems that while waiting on the opportune moment to make the biggest bang since Obama and Nepolitano are asleep at the wheel the terrorists are hoping for more "Lone Wolf" actors like the Pig who shot up Ft Hood will play small but effective roles against the civilian population. What is so disturbing about this online magazine is that it is written by someone who spent a good part of his life living in the United States as an Imam and ran a similar website playing videos of actions involving US soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan.

Who knows how many people this creep has influenced or has the capability of influincing especially now that he's publishing in English? The main stream media has hardly said word one about this new threat due to the fear of being "racist" or "trouble makers". I'm sorry but it's that bull crap behavior and being in love with their own political correctness that allowed the tragedy at Fort Hood to happen to begin with. I'd like to BE AWARE that such a site exists and how they are proposing wanna be terrorists to strike out. It's the job of the media to report the news, and this is BIG news.

I'm asking my readers to voice their outrage to their local media outlets and tell them you need to know what the possible threats are to you and your family and they need to stop sleeping on the job, tell them you will NOT stand for this biased coverage any longer

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