Sunday, October 3, 2010

Okay..lets see what you make of this one.

A post on taxes by a friend of mine. Here it is..faithfully retransmitted here..word for word.

Tea HAG Article #2-Tax Problem and Solution

by Annemarie Romig Ashcraft on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 9:51pm

Well folks I have a bee that has been in my bonnet for quite awhile and have pondered it, worried it, and struggled with it and I believe I have found a solution. You see dear reader I'm not a person who likes to bitch moan and complain without giving some sort of solution, plan, or at lest break down my reasons for such worries. I suppose it is the teacher in my blood screaming to get out.

Today's topic is taxes, yes taxes. Every Government and Society has taxation in one form or another in order to run itself and pay for keeping the peace at home, applying Federal Law, waste disposal and removal, waging war on the borders and abroad. Over the years we have expanded Government in ways I highly doubt our Founding Fathers dreamed, some necessary like keeping an eye on Sex Offenders and people out of Jail on Parole, our massive Public School system, and maintaining the Foster Care system for children on a much bigger scale than they could have ever dreamed of. Others which I personally don't understand or have not researched as there are quite alot I will refrain from mentioning in this piece.

So, my solution? Stop taking taxes out of our pay checks, institute a 10-20% fair tax on all taxable items (using 20% as a base in examples). This forces persons such as Illegal Aliens to pay in the system without having to steal someone's identity. Meanwhile for people who's income has already been taxed like the retired using savings from their Pension, IRA or 401k Savings, or SS income will have that info on their Driver's Liscence or State ID Card strip and just have the cashier swipe it like a credit card and they will only be charged state sales tax. The same can apply for disabled persons and Foster Parents. Persons purchasing items for their businesses provide their Business Liscence and are not charged taxes on it or if they are a minimal amount. We have the technology we did not in 1912 when the IRS was implimented why not use it to our advantage as the old arguments are no longer valid to keep the IRS as the huge institution it is today I'm not saying do without it entirely but there is no reason for it to be as big as it is. For Families who currently recieve Income Tax Credit it will/could be something like 8% credit the info will be on your Liscence like the retired persons or Foster Parents. If you run a house for the disabled or elderly there would be applicable discounted rates like the Income Tax Credit people.

Well folks, that is my basic plan. I'm sure there are situations and exceptions to every rule. Feel free to ask questions, if I have an answer or solution I'll post it with @ and your name below.


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Well lads and lasses...pontificate away

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Edit2 8pm 10/4/10. Apparently Annemarie discovered there was someone else who calls themself "The Bleeding Heart Conservative" and someone asked her to cease and desist using that so..when she's got a new header..I'll put it up at the top of the page where 'TBHC' used to be.

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