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The Way Things Ought to Be Ch. 5 Pt 1

As previously mentioned in the first of the "RUSH Project" posts. I'm going to have to split chapters up into sections and give each section it's own separate post.'s part 1 of chapter 5. which has part of a rant Rush did in 1991. The other half of the rant will be in another post. Which I'll probably post tomorrow. monday at the latest.

Chapter 5. The State of the Union.

The Thanksgiving weekend of 1991 was the first one in a long time which I didn’t spend traveling. This meant that I had a chance to watch more consecutive days of television than I had in many moons (a little Indian lingo there). I was appalled , shocked depressed, then finally enraged at what I saw and heard. I was fuming, livid. Upon returning to the golden EIB microphone the following Monday I delivered a monologue which was devoted to sharing my emotions and thoughts about the bilge and psychobabble I had seen over the weekend. I submit it here for the ages:

Ladies and Gentleman, I’ve hit my boiling point. Like that character in the movie Network, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” I have about had it being told that the plight of the homeless is my fault. I’m sick and tire of turning on my tv and being told that the AIDS crisis is my fault too, because I don’t care enough. I’m tired of hearing about how we’re not spending enough on AIDS, even though we’re spending more money on it than we do in the war on cancer.

Any of this sound familiar?

In this 500th anniversary year of Columbus’s Voyage, I’m tired of hearing him trashed. I don’t give a hoot that he gave some Indians a disease that they didn’t have immunity against We can’t change that, we’re here. We’re the best country on earth and I’m sick and tired of people trying to change history so as to portray this country as an instrument of evil. It isn’t true. I’m sick and tired of hearing Western Culture constantly disparage. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Culture’s got to go,” is the chant at Stanford University. What would Stanford be if the pioneers that are so reviled today as imperialists, racists, sexists, bigots, and homphobes hadn’t fought their way across a continent to California?

Again..any of this sound familiar? We've been hearing similar rhetoric from the Democrats since 08. Gets really old after a while doesn't it?

The American middle class is just plain tire and worn out. They get blamed for everything in this country. They are taxed more than ever, and now they have to put up with lectures about how we have to ship billions of dollars to the former soviet union so they can eat this winger, even though it’s cold there every winter and the poeple there have been hoarding food in their cellars for months. As if that’s not enough, the American people are sick and tired of hearing that they have to pay the Russians to dismantle their nuclear weapons.

I’m sick and tired of turning on the television every Thanksgiving weekend and looking at news reports of how rotten a Christmas season we’re going to have. There’s no news in that. Every year they go out and do the same story. They report the American people aren’t spending as much, that “this year they’re not wasting money.” Well, excuse me. The American people never waste money. To say this is the first year that consumers are looking for a deal is stupid. They look for a deal everyday, not just every Christmas. No one I know goes in and throws money around. “Americans are shopping more carefully these days,” the news media tells us. The reason they’re doing that is because we’ve been in the deepest recession in years, taxes are going through the roof and we have people like Richard Gephardt, the House Majority Leader, telling us that the American people expect too much from Congress.

I disagree with Gephardt by the way..but then Rush is about to say what I'm thinking anyway

The truth is the American people wish Congress would leave them alone. In 1990 they ganged up with President Bush and promised to reduce the deficit by imposing the largest peacetime tax increase in history. No they’re screaming again for more taxes and the deficit just hit $400 Billion a year. The members of Congress are now back in their districts begging for our votes. The nerve. People I talk to are paying their medical bills by exceeding their credit card limits. Members of Congress exempt themselves from the laws they impose on us, pass their midnight pay raises, overdraw their accounts at the House Bank, and then take a junket to some exotic Caribbean island with some lobbyists. Then they dare tell us that it’s our fault for wanting to keep more of the money we earn and not surrender it in taxes..

Again he says exactly what most of us are thinking. Not only that..we're going through much the same rigamarole and bullshit now.

Here's a hint Now instead of a $400 BILLION budget deficit. We have a $1.3 TRILLION budget deficit:

And to top it all off..we have the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts. Which will result in a HUGE tax hike. The Estate Tax alone is expected to jump to between 50- 60%. Which means the government get more than HALF of whatever you/your family has when you croak. Just fracking wonderful. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy all over? The words "And they have the GALL" does not even begin to cover it.

Now can't take it with you when you go..however don't you think what happens to your money and property when you croak should be YOUR decision..not some government bureaucrats? Frankly I'd like to kick the guy who wrote the article I just posted the link for in the head. The reason for a deficit is because you've SPENT more than you EARNED or in the governments case more than they've TAKEN IN, in taxes. BTW has anyone stopped to consider that the reason the deficit is that high is because the Obama Administration has SPENT more than that in just the Tarp and the Bank and Auto Bailouts? Think about that for minute. Newsflash to the federal government. Get out of my wallet, and my life and stop spending so goddamn much. LEARN to live on a 'budget' like the rest of us.
but of course this won't happen.

the other half of Chapter 5 I will post by Monday at the latest. Most likely sometime late tomorrow or middle of the day Sunday.

Oh and here's the National Debt Clock:

A debt that according to a recent article by U.S. News is supposed to hit 25.8 TRILLION by 2020. It currently stands as of right this second $ 13,593,889,563 and rising at a rate of more than one million dollars a minute.

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