Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Way It Ought To Be

I am contemplating what for me will be a huge undertaking since I'm gonna have to type ALL of it. What is this project? Well....I'm thinkin on posting paragraph by paragraph, and chapter by chapter...Rush Limbaugh's The Way It Ought To Be. I'd scan it but the scanner software has not way to convert to RTF and well this computer is such a POS....
IF I go through with it it'll probably be a once a week thing instead of an every other day or so piece. If I don't end up with frackin carpal tunnel..by the time I'm finished......I'll be grateful. There are some chapters I'll skip. ATM that would be the first 2 autobiographical chapters and 2 other issue related chapters..though I may do them after all..just don't know. I'm contemplating this becasue Rush's analysis and commentary on many issues..even now, 18yrs and change since the book was published..is right on the money. We're basically in the same spot we were back when he wrote it in the first place. Only NOW it's worse. Much worse in my own not so humble opinion.

Yet everything he said lo those many years ago is still relevant and accurate. History is repeating itself people because for some reason we REFUSE to learn from it..despite our protestations to the contrary.

Update:120am 10/6/10:
Okay I've made my decision. I AM going to do this. I've just spent the last couple hours typing up the 1st 2 chapters I intend to post. I will be doing this on a weekly basis, one chapter a week.
I'm going to jump around the book some. I'm not going to necessarily post consecutive chapters, one after the other. I'm going to post which ever chapter I'm feeling. If I think of it I will post links to whatever, or whoever Rush is talking about in that chapter...when he names specific people, things, and places. I am planning on posting the chapters and my commentary on a specific day every week. right this second I'm leaning towards Friday every week, but..we'll see how I feel later today. They'll be titled "The Way Things Ought To Be" followed by the chapter number. for those of you still up...aren't you like.....supposed to be in bed? I'm heading there myself in a few minutes.


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