Monday, October 11, 2010

Gangs In Texas

I read a scary story yesterday in the very liberal rag, the Houston Chronicle. I don't waste my money on it during the week by and large. I do get it on Sunday though. For the coupons mostly.
Anyway..I read this article on gangs in Texas
Almost all the gangs in Texas, if not all of them period, call Houston home. Makes me feel all warm fuzzy and safe let me tell you.

Gangs in Houston and the surrounding region:

10,000: Documented gangsters

225: Gangs in the Houston region

446: Drug-trafficking organizations

Source: Houston HIDTA, Houston Police\

Notice that the status on gang members is known gangbangers. IOW those who have been arrested at least once. The numbers of actual members I can guarantee you is much MUCH higher.

Here's another scary tidbit from article

"As of this year, there were 225 documented gangs roaming the area, according to intelligence reports, the biggest being the "Houstones," with at least 2,233 members that have been confirmed by police.

Their soldiers alone equate to about 43 percent of the number of Houston police officers."

That's ONE gangs known 'soldiers' alone equals almost half the number of Houston police officers currently serving. If that does NOT scare the shit out of you..then you my friend...ARE A BRAIN DAMAGED, DROOLING, FUCKING MORON!

Another snippet from the article

"It is a national trend that they are moving from the inner cities to suburbs to rural areas," said Capt. Dale Brown, commander of the Houston Police Department's gang division. "There is virtually no part of Houston or the surrounding area that doesn't have some kind of gang presence."

Really? No shit? Well thanks for the newsflash but it is NOT news to me! I have several that run out of my neighborhood. Though the private security firm that patrols constantly has put a dent in the gangbangers activities over the last few years.
I know for a fact that the 59 Bounty Hunters and the Southwest Cholos to name two are in my neighborhood. There are others. The59 Bounty Hunters if I remember my gangbang affilations right are an offshoot of the bloods. I may be disremembering that fact wrong but it's been a long while since I've talked to our security guy. I haven't heard of much activity around here lately. I don't know whether thats because through the efforts of the security firm and hpd they've got them on the run? Or whether the gangbangers have branched out, and are laying low for the most part. *shrug* your guess is as good as mine

And now they've gone international in their affiliations and business dealings. Although I believe thats probably always been the case with the big boys like the Texas Syndicate. like this and the crimewave these little fuckers create is one reason I think being a gang banger should come with an automatic death sentence, no appeal necessary. I know that this sentiment does NOT make me popular..either with the gangbangers themselves..or the people I know of that work to try and get at least some of the younger ones out and back into a 'normal' life. But it has gotten to the point that the gangs are everywhere and no one, anywhere is safe. I suspect that if you looked into the all the unsolved home invasion/robbery/'d probably find that a lot of them were committed by gangbangers. Or those being initiated into the gangs by committing these crimes before being jumped in. :

With the connections now known to the various cartels in Mexico..this situation is now ridiculously bad. Until we start executing gangbangers [which will mean a depopulation of the prison population..hooray!] and until we, the regular citizens are willing to stand up, and more importantly be willing to use lethal force, repeatedly to get the point across that we aren't going to tolerate this shit's only going to get worse. You people think it's bad on our side of the border now? Wait until a good chunk of the state is like the gangwar torn areas on the mexican side of the border.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity

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