Monday, October 18, 2010

The Way Things Ought To Be. Ch5. Pt.2

Here you are. Enjoy the words of Rush. I shall post my own thoughts and current similarities tomorrow. Sorry I was late boys and girls.

Working people are striving against the odds to make it in this country and all the government can do is view them as a revenue target. While picking their pockets the government has the audacity to fist a guilt trip on them to boot. They’re made to feel responsible for everything. Look at AIDS. A terrible disease, but it is largely behaviorally spread. Yet all we hear is that “people aren’t doing enough about it.”

There’s one simple thing that could be done about it. People could stop ------ AROUND! Instead, the kids of god-fearing parents are handing condoms in school and told, “We know you are just a bunch of little minks, that we can’t stop you from exploring your sexuality and doing wrong and dangerous things. So here, take this condom and protect yourself.” In many school districts, parents aren’t even allowed a say in the matter. Well, if the schools are serious, what they ought to do is convert the study hall into a giant bedroom with beds and clean sheets. Have the principal and the school nurse demonstrate to every couple how to use a condom, then observe them to ensure they do it right. Hell we may as well go all the way. In fact, if the schools are so certain that kids are going to do this, what they ought to do is find disease free hookers and bring ‘em in. Teach a little supply and demand. We’re getting to the point where the tax producers will someday be outnumbered by the tax eaters of society. Those who choose to accept the responsibilities of life have had enough of being told that they should give more to those who don’t shoulder those responsibilities. We’re supposed to feel sorry for this group and that group. For the downtrodden. For Native Americans. For those who suffered because Columbus landed. What about feeling sorry for those who are living, who pay the taxes? Those are the people NO ONE ever feels sorry for. They are asked to give and give until they have no more to give. And when they say “Enough!” they are called selfish. The TV news keeps rerunning stories about the decade of greed we had in the 80’s. You could shut down every TV station in America and rerun the news from 5 years ago and it wouldn’t be any different. Everything is the fault of the people who don’t give enough. This despite the fact that charitable contributions during the “avaricious” eighties climbed at an astonishing rate. But that’s not enough.

Then we have the spaced out Hollywood left eating beans and rice to focus attention on the evils of capitalism. We are told that there is an inequitable distribution of food and other products under capitalism. Wrong. That’s not the problem. The worlds biggest problem is the unequal distribution of capitalism. If there were capitalism everywhere, you wouldn’t have food shortages. If capitalism is the problem, how is it that the U.S. is the only nation in the world that can feed itself and still feed much of the rest of the planet? That won’t last much longer though. The American farmer is being put out of business by a bunch of people who are more concerned with the rights of animals than they are with assuring that the American people have enough food at an affordable price. We’re told that cows are our biggest enemy.. I say, Pass the Burgers.

In school we’re teaching our kids about tribal Africa instead of Aristotle. We’re not teaching anything else very well. Our kids get lower scores on math and English tests every year. As a result, kids from backwater European and Asian countries are outperforming our kids left and right in school because we’re hung up on teaching feel good history and worthless social gobbledygook.

I could go on about the insanities that are loose in the country, all of it tolerated just so a bunch of aggrieved weirdos who don’t fit in can feel better about themselves. They control many of our institutions, our universities, our major media outlets. They all have cushy jobs, they never seem to get fired or laid off.

Dan Rostenkowski, the House Ways and Means Chairman says, “We will all have to sacrifice to fix our nation’s problems.” Congressman, what the hell do you think everybody’s been doing because of your policies ad your ideas? The people who work in this country have been sacrificing, and for a lot of people who aren’t related to them. And now you want to increase the sacrificing by raising taxes? Congressman, can you or anyone else show me where any society in human history has taxed itself into prosperity? No, you can’t.

The sympathy in this country is never for those on whose shoulders the burden actually rests, the diligent middle class. The sympathy is directed at people like the woman who was killed last year after she fell asleep in a dumpster and was crushed by a garbage truck as it picked up the trash. The American people had that story thrown in their face for a week. They were told it was their fault that it happened! That the woman was so hopeless that she had to rummage around in dumpsters for food. Nobody put that woman in the dumpster, she climbed in herself. It later turned out she was not homeless but was just looking for a few bargains and she fell asleep. You sleep in a trash dumpster, you run the risk of being crushed by the dumpster truck. A sad and unfortunate story to be sure, but not one aspect of it is the fault of the American economy or the American people.

Then there is the obligatory sympathy after the first freezing night of the winter when a homeless person is discovered dead on the sidewalke. The news reports are delivered solemnly and with deep feelings of sorrow. This happened, they say, because Reagan didn’t care and because selfishness and greed now permeate American society. A couple of days later, after the autopsy it was learned that was drinking a cheap wine called Cooled Breeze-referred to compassionately by reporters as “his beverage of choice”- and died from cirrhosis of the liver.

People are going to have to start accepting responsibility for their actions and stop bleeding the people in this country who accept their responsibilities and who see to it that the country works. This is still America, but increasingly many of us don’t recognize it. Finally I am weary and near my wits end at having to listen to the complaint that the American safety net has holes in it and too many people are slipping through. Wrong. The problem is that too many people are using that safety net as a hammock..

Thank you and may God Bless you.

The reaction of the audience was exceptional, which didn’t surprise me. I’m used to that. Many said I should send it to the White House so that the President could use it in his State of the Union address.

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