Thursday, October 21, 2010

Okay..lets talk

I'm now going to say several things that are probably going to be exceedingly offensive..especially to those on the left. Don't want your blood pressure raised? don't read any farther. I'll give you til the count of 10










Okay if you're still reading this..don't blame me when your head explodes you were bloody well warned!

Article 1.
*Double Facepalm* when the fail is so epic ONE facepalm just isn't enough

Let me get this fired a man for "Telling the Truth" about how he feels? What the hell? Oh well..this is easy enough to rectify..let Fox hire him[wouldn't be at all surprised if that happened frankly] and either put him on an existing show or give him his own. What time slot? Geez people do I have to think of every thing? Fox runs Orielly 2x at 7 and 10. They run Glenn 2x at 4 and 1am. They repeat...Greta I believe it is at midnight. Pick. A. Slot, and put Juan in it. sheesh.

Also lets not forget this little tidbit

Keep in mind Soros has tried this before with Air America and another station the name of which escapes me at the moment. And Rupert Murdoch gets slammed for supposedly running a Republican propaganda machine? not true. OTOH..even if it were[which it's not]..Pot Kettle. Black. The Main Stream Media and the tax payer funded NPR and PBS are devoutly liberal and have been for a long time. Since before I was born as a matter of fact.

And to Move On[just a little humor for you] right along..there was this tidbit about Sarah Palin getting slammed by the left. The left who apparently don't know U.S. History very well.

Not really surpising though when you consider how much of history is being taught and rewritten with a liberal 'Anit American' bias. Everything is America's fault. The world is falling apart and it's America's fault. Global Warming is destroying the world and it's America's Fault.
*headdesk, headdesk, headdesk* "And that's when I shot him your honor."

This liberal communist mindset is tearing our country apart. Nikita Kruschev once said "We will destroy America without firing a shot" actually depending on who or where you read he said "we will bury you without firing a shot." And they are doing it too.
This boys and girls not only pisses me off beyond belief but that mind set worries me because that kind of thinking has given us our current set of politicians on the left. Some on the right are no better. The solution History teaching wise? See if you can find the older textbooks in good condition. Then ADD current history to them without changing a single word of the original text. Teach the constitution. Teach your children to think critically and logically, because all this 'touchy feely' crap is nauseating.
Let me give you an example of what I mean.
You have groups like the Sea Sheperds who are anti whaling. And while I have NO love for the Japanese...whenever you see or hear about something like whaling it's never mentioned WHY we whaled in the first place. Food and oil. That's right. Oil lamps and what not in the past were fueled by whale fat. Blubber. The rest of the whale didn't exactly go to waste either. Because when you are doing something to survive..welllll...waste not want not. Any kind of hunting.. is quite frankly. survival of the species boys and girls because if you don't hunt and kill to die.
All this talk of animal cruelty over cattle and pigs, and others you see nowadays. They are bred and raised to be meat on our table; and in the case of the cattle..also to produce milk for our tables. You didn't think some fairy somewhere just waves his magic wand to create milk, and bacon, and ham, and steaks, and burgers etc, etc..out of thin air did you? Same thing for chicken and eggs and any other type of animal you might find on your table. While yes there are some cases of what I'd consider cruelty, by and large it's all crap. They are THERE to provide sustenance goddammit! Jesus Jumpin H. Christ! Do you think the wolf weeps for the deer while it takes it down and rips out its throat? Or the lion weeps for the gazelle the zebra and every other living thing it hunts? You think the alligator weeps for anything that happens to cross it's path and become a meal? Do You? [the correct answer by the way boys and girls is NO]
No other animal on the planet me thinks can surpass the human being for sheer self destructive stupid behavior I swear. It's infuriating to me.

EDIT 830PM: God I LOVE being right. It was announced about 5pm[or at least thats when I heard about it] that Fox has signed Juan Williams to a multi year contrac. One that is of "wider scope" than what he currently does as just a commentator. Whether this means they give him his own show is yet to be seen but me thinks that NPR is about to take an anal probe in retaliation for that firing. *grin*


  1. The beginning of the end was when "the wall" came down. It wasn't to prove communism was dead, it was to prove communism had infected so much of Europe there wasn't any point of pretending anymore.

  2. I cannot find the cite/link anymore. Eco-delicate-warrioress, she was crying about hunting. Her exact words escape me, but they ran along the lines of 'why don't you get your meat at the store in trays', with the HEAVY inference that they made?grew? the meat there. No animals involved. Pitiful.


  3. John..yeah. Pitiful doesn't really cover it though. Shameful, disgraceful and flat out infuriating on the other hand comes close

  4. Hey folks! the TeaHAG her own self has graced us with her personal presence! :)
    I wouldn't go quite that far luv. but I do appreciate the sentiment.


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