Friday, July 6, 2012

A mish mash

Okay  a mish mash, a hodge podge, a higgldey piggledy...a potpouri of things today..
Let us start with...the supreme court decision on ObummerCare.  I'll not say much on this because many others have said it better than me and explained it better than me to boot.  Suffice to say that it's my own personal belief that Roberts failed miserable. ACA doesn't just violate 1 article of the violates several...including the 13th.   Roberts and the 4 he agreed with are legislating from the bench. That's not their job. Their  JOB boys and girls is to act as a check and balance on the power of the US government.  In this one they failed not just miserably but abominably.

Next up the Unspeakable Nitwits, aka United Nations.  A hat tip to my friend the Bluegrass Pundit  for this one. The enemies of our nation have come up with yet another  idea to save the world and to promote globalization.  Taxes on pretty much everything you'd expect from the collection of America hating halfwits. Global Taxes. On everything from air flight{carbon tax to "fight globull warming"]  to currency transactions, to a Tax on Billionaires. *sneer* Since as everyone knows billionaires NEVER pay their "fair share", of course.
You know..I've always said that if Al queda had taken out the UN while it was in full session instead of the twin towers...I'd have kissed their maggot ridden and pus filled foreheads and pinned medals on them before putting a bullet between their eyes. Since if they'd done THAT, they'd have been doing the world a massive favor.  Yes as a matter of fact I do realize that this sentiment doesn't make me popular.  BFD.

Next up?  A hat tip to my friend Larry over at Last Refuge of a Scoundrel. for this bit
 Ahh Ricky sweat from a diseased camels balls.

So "freedom" is a "rightwing" catch phrase designed to dupe the masses hmmmm?  Thats right Ricky because if everyone was as free thinking as many of those of us on the right or even in the center...they'd leave the unions, start thinking for themselves and *gasp* might even begin to question your decisions and integrity! Can't have that. Can't interrupt the group think mind wash. Sigh...Ricky Ricky Ricky.  You know what? When your mother and father created you?  The best part of their DNA ran down her leg as they wanted no part of what was coming....

Yet another hat tip to my buddy Bluegrass Pundit for this one.
Geez, liberal politicians are stupid.
It amazes me the lack of intelligence in liberal politicians in general and politicians in California in particular.  They make slugs look intelligent. Which is probably an insult to the slugs. Unfortunately these particular slugs you can't just pour salt on...

Okay that's the mish mash for today. I'm off.
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity


  1. Dammit! Git in the mymotherlode page.
    This is CLASSIC.
    Clarke Broadcasting owns the radio station and web here.
    look up who owns it..
    Throw you out? Doubt it!
    Not all of califernia is full of nuts...just the centers of the cancer.
    They tax the #STATE but the areas that pay...always go into the city sump.


  2. I haven't checked my inbox to see if they activated the account yet. Been too busy my friend. My sister was in the hospital from last friday morning to Wedensday night and then again last night from about 7pm til 3am this morning. Life as they a bitch.

  3. I am very sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she fully recovers from whatever it is.
    All my best.


  4. Paragon is a tic.
    Read more and find out.


  5. This is interesting. I usually don't read fox news or any main news outlet, but this one stuck out.



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