Tuesday, July 24, 2012

*Yawn* Murder prt 2

Sigh...all these people calling for Gun Control? do the math people! I have. Crime rates, or rather the NUMBER of crimes go up...with population growth. but the PERCENTAGE of total population that was killed so far as I can ascertain for last 40+years...has stayed within, by and large that 4-9 THOUSANDTHS of a percent of the population Case in point? 1960. Population 179,323175. Number of murders? 9110. percentage of the total population? 5 THOUSANDTHS of a percent of the population. Mind you the following are just pulling random years out of the statistics and doing the percentages
Year Population murders PoP[percentage of population]
1970 203,235,298 16000 8 THOUSANDTHS of a percent.
1976 214,659,000 18780 9 Thousandths of a percent.
1984 236,159,000 18690 8 thousandths "
1989 248,239,000 21500 9 thousandths "
1997 267,367,000 18208 7 thousandths "
2003 290,690,788 16528 6 thousandths"
2010 308,745,538 14748 5 thousands "

Other crimes also grow and drop in cycles. The differences in numbers of say Robberies or Larcenies will make your head swim. Hell the number of Burglaries in the US is back down to 1960's numbers and that's with twice the population back then. Actually when you look at the numbers with 1960 population vs 2010 population...the percentage differences are staggering.The number of Robberies is back down to 1970's levels and thats with half again the population we had then.However, since we're talking about murders and guns...those numbers I've given are the only ones that matter. Oh and by the way? The percentage of mass murders in all these statistics? LESS than 1% of the THOUSANDTHS of a percent, for 20yrs and more.

Okay I think I've beat the shit out of this enough in the last 48hrs here and all over the inter netz. Next up?  I'm not real happy with Penn State and the NCAA so I think I'll beat the shit out of them for a while. Look for that post later tonight or tomorrow


  1. Responsible are those who assume citizenship. No one can turn an idiot or a turnip into a citizen, but they sure try to make citizens into sheeple.
    A man who is RESPONSIBLE and chooses to carry, has, time after time, saved lives.
    But what does the turd media report? The, @exceptions@. All in the name of their sick agenda's to control the people.
    That is how I see it.

  2. Wolf..
    Has added a few in the forum...
    Go look ok?
    and tell larry to hurry up and @git@ writing dammit!
    You too!
    GRRRR :)


    Also..we have had a lot of tragedies lately.
    In the mill...a woman found dead next to the train tracks...
    a woman and child losing their home to a fire.
    Sometimes it seems the shit keeps on coming.
    Not ALL of california is bad you know...just those shitheads on the coast. Guess that makes me a Racist or chauvinist....etc.

    1. You mean Larry as in MHI? Dude, I'll bet NO ONE tells Larry to do anything, outside of his wife.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLr2if-BdA4



  4. larry and his valkyrie wife?
    I bow to the Goddess!
    @I'm not worthy!@



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