Monday, February 28, 2011

Basic Math 101

AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! Okay..we're gonna have this conversation one more time..peoples outright STUPIDITY on this issue is starting to make me go from irritable to exceedingly pissed off.

Tax the Rich-Right, lets tax the rich..they already pay more than we do..waaay more. the top 6-10% pays almost 3/4's of the taxes. Now the numbers as to how much of the top percent and the percentage they pay in totalvaries depending on who exactly you listen to; but pretty much everyone I've seen is that a small percentage of the top earners pay 60% or better of the taxes. Now here's another kicker. Most of the those people own MAJOR corporations and banks. Businesses. Now what is a businesses main purpose for existence. To give people jobs? No. To provide goods and services? That's a part of it. A businesses main reason for existence is TO MAKE MONEY. Follow me That is by and large it's ONLY reason for a business to stay in existence. To make money for the owners, so they can as an effect PAY the workers who provide the goods and services that other people buy, thereby making the company money. No one goes into business to be a good samaritan and lose money faster than the government does, they go into it because they see a way to make money off of something they love to do or build. Now. if they don't show a profit, what happens? Favors start getting called in, workers start losing their jobs, and now the people who bought the good or service that company provided; can no longer get that good or service. Thereby making everyone involved fucking miserable. The people who buy can't get what they want, the people who made it no longer have work and the poor bastard who owns the company is now; unless he was REALLY smart with his money and broke as hell because he had to pay off his debts and investors..with everything he'd managed to save. Follow me?
Now how does not making a profit happen? Well either the demand for the product isn't there in the first place. The demand for the product isn't there anymore. Or because of government assholes who never met someone they didn't want to rob at gunpoint..RAISED TAXES. Thereby cutting into the companies profit margin. If you cut into a profit margin too far what happens is one of two things, either the company goes out of business..or they have to raise prices. At which point people start complaining how greedy the company is. Uhmmm..No. they're just trying to keep the damn doors open so the people to work for them can continue to work, make the products and get it to the consumer so the consumer can have access to it.
Follow me? It's not rocket science it's simple fracking math!

Which leads us to a discussion on CEO paychecks. Do you NOT think that if the CEO has worked his ass off to keep the company afloat, provide for his workers, and make a profit that he's EARNED what his salary is? CEO's in the larger corporations, hell EVEN in the small businesses that are owned by your average citizen who might take in upwards of a million dollars in pay in a year; don't have much of a social life..most of their life is given over to the company 24/7. Now I don't see a huge paycheck as THAT much of a compensation if I don't have time to enjoy it. Follow me? Good now shut the hell up about it.

Which leads me to Golden Parachutes. A Golden Parachute is part of a CEO's contract who has been brought into a company to save it in a set period of time. They get the money if they DON'T succeed in making the company a success again.
HERE is my problem: Why the hell, should you get this huge payout after you FAILED to save the company Daffy Duck? Honestly..instead of saving the company you make piss poor decisions and run the company into the ground, forcing it into bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings and you expect to be PAID for being an abysmal fucking failure, you douchebag? Are you kidding me?!!!! I heard a story back in the 90's that IIRC a guy got a $50 million dollar parachute clause in his contract when he was brought into save a company. Did he succeed? Nope. Did he get paid? I assume so, it was stipulated in his contract.
Where is the logic? You're supposed to get paid for success, for Doing. Your. Job. .if you don't do the job your hired for...why should you get a huge payout? You want a parachute? Fine..I'll give you one...I'll strap it to your back for you, right before I have your useless ass thrown out of a plane at 20000 feet. "Have a nice trip. Oh and by the way..neither the ripcord or the emergency chute work. Happy Landings!" *snarl*

This kind of crap annoys me. The fact that I keep having to have the first portion of this conversation annoys me even more. TRY and be logical and common sensical people, huh? It's better for my blood pressure.

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