Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Middle East, the way I see it.

Okay boys and girls..I haven't payed much attention to the situation in the middle east in the last week or so...*shrug* however..I get tired of these talking heads who say 'well the people are pissed because they haven't seen enough from us. *facepalm* Okay here's a partial list of the uprisings in the last several weeks. I say partial because I think there's been a few added to it since I stopped paying attention

Iran-achmendildojihadi is putting down his demonstrations hard.

Libya- Gadaffy Duck is putting down his fairly hard...keep in mind that like achmendildojihadi..Gadaffy is bugfuck insane.

Egypt-the military is in control for the time's really about the ONLY one that MIght go our way. The military gets all it's equipment and the parts and training to maintain and use it..from the US. Therefore the military has a HUGE stake in maintaining the status quo for the most part.

Jordan- that one might also go 'our' way because the King of Jordan is an ally of the US and Israel. Plus his wife Queen Raina is always out in the public eye so I think she's kinda popular...I hope.

Algeria-that another clusterfluck in the making

Tunisia-Again..we're in Africa and I don't like most of the African countries or their "rulers" Africa has always been a black hole for blood, money, dreams and bodies and it's ALWAYS hungry.

Okay that makes...6 off the top of my head..I can't think of any of the other countries I've heard are trying to fl apart at the seams.

With me so far? Awesome! Now lets discuss the options.
1. Harsh diplomatic words, comdemnations and calls for restraint- This is spitting in the wind because by and large...they don't LIKE us. Never have and probably never will.
2. Sanctions-again that's spitting in the wind because they Do. Not. Work. A perfect fairly recent example? The UN sanctions against Iraq after the 1st Gulf War in 91. Saddam spent a DECADE laughing at us in the media and spitting in our face because he didn't care..he was still making his money, still in control..and still kingshit of the hill. Which is reason Numero Uno of several that GWB ordered the invasion of Iraq in the first place. He just got tired of it. Reason Numero Dos was of course WMD's but that's another argument and to be honest I'm tired of having it.
3. We, meaning the US..and some of the rest of the world[never happen..none of the rest of the world has the balls anymore]invade. Then the ENTIRE region goes BOOM! And when I say BOOM..I mean *NUCLEAR*, BOOM!! Because as sure as I'm sitting here writing this..the radicals will explode and gain control..attempt to destroy us and bulldozer over Israel. *shrug* Which means Israel at that point is almost guaranteed to go Nuclear. Which alas will inflame the fanatical retards all the more. Which will doubly, alas, piss off the rest of the world..Israels preservation, and desire not to be a footnote in a history rewritten by retards be damned.

At this point I'm of the really dismal opinion that we're damned if we do, and damned if we don't. ( more ways than one) This does not make me a happy camper, considering the campaign of the Iconoclasts going on within our own country at the moment.
So basically what I'm suggesting is "STay the hell out of the way, and let what is going to happen, happen. If it goes our way, good. If prepared for the probably necessity of glassing over the Middle East from end to end..repeatedly.
As a smartassed sciencefiction movie Lt. is famous for saying "I say we take off, nuke the sight from orbit. It's the only way to be sure" He also said later in the movie "Okay..we waste him. No offense."

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