Monday, February 7, 2011

The Superbowl yeah yeah whatever..

Seriously? I could have cared less. I had people asking me for 2 or 3 days. "You ready for the superbowl?" "You gonna throw a big BBQ bash for the game?" "You gonna grill up a bunch of food?" "You going to someone elses party for the game?" 'Who you rooting for?"
My universal response for all those questions what the same:
I flat out do NOT give a flying fuck about the goddamn superbowl. I didn't throw a party, didn't go to someone else's party, didn't grill because I didn't feel like it and didn't even bother to watch the goddamn thing. I watched a movie and then watched poker on TV. I went out and brought back Burger King for the family and a philly from Subway for myself.
"but but..that's unamerican?" Fuck and you. I haven't paid all that much attention to Pro sports in years and years. Why? Well the players are a bunch of overwheening, arrogant and overpaid pricks on an ego trip by and large. They SAY they love the came but a lot of the up and comers in the last decade or so are glory hounds who only care about the money they can make playing, the endorsement deals they can land or the shoes they can get named after themselves. Hell even a number of the college ball players are only in it to try and get a pro career for themselves.

As I've said many times in the past, we've become a nation of bread, coliseum's and circuses. We put these shallow, hollow people up on a pedastal and worship them as gods and hero's. We put waaaay too much value on the facade as opposed to the reality. Makes me nauseous. It's why "reality shows" piss me off so bad. While it's not scripted exactly, the possibilities are planned for because the producers put together people with differing personality types to watch the sparks fly so the networks can make money. As for the ones having to do with finding love? Dude if you seriously expect you're going to see someone TRULY fall in love, live and in living color, after randomly picking and choosing among a bunch of people thrown together in a big contest, in just a few short weeks you're fucking insane.

Hell look at our current President. An empty soulless puppet. Who never held down a real job, who has been groomed for the role. This puppet puts on a razzle dazzle of a show, tells people what they WANT to hear and the people fall for his bullshit; hook, line and sinker. He landed us[not me because I saw from the beginning of course]and now he's busy gutting us..and the mindless multitudes of mental midgets who voted for him; now have the GAUL to act all shocked, shaken and shit at what this puppet has embarked upon and the things he doing?

Hmmm..this started off as a stuperbowl rant and switched directions into a political rant..go figure. *shrug* It is what it is. Well..I'm off for now.

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  1. No, really. Tell me what you really mean! Don't be shy, don't hold back!



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