Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just a quick commentary on a prickly subject. I suspect this is going to end badly..possibly WORSE that badly. What could be worse? Oh...I don't know..what would you say to a completely theocratically [religiously] controlled state. Controlled by radical mullahs and terrorists? Add to that the unrest in other places..the protests in Jordan for instance, and you have a recipe for a disaster of epic proportions. Hell if it goes that far we may very well see the scenario, at least in part, outlined in Mark Steyn's book America Alone.

Either that or a variation on Tom Kratman's dystopic nightmare in Caliphate. Which are basically one and the same as far as nightmare's go.

Such a happy thought to have before bed.

Edit 1/30/2011 9pm central:
pulled this off my twitter wall just a few minutes ago.

Yep Free Egypt So We can Kill Israel. such loving understanding and tolerant assbags aren't they

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