Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lets Discuss Civility.

Or not. Last night I made the mistake of watching the Tuscon Memorial service. That was NOT a memorial service in my book. It was..IMNSHO...a liberal rally. Such speakers at a memorial service as Eric Holder[Obama's AG, Janet Napolitano[oh look ANOTHER obama appointee], a couple others and President Obama himself. What did they all have in common? They all spoke about raising the civility level in the political discourse and dialing down the rhetoric. Uhmmm excuse me? The only ones really raising the roof on that score have been the liberal majority and the democrat party's propaganda arm, otherwise known as the Main Stream Media. Telling lies, outright lies and goddamn lies.

THE ONLY Obama-ite who should have been there was President Obama himself. None of his cabinet ministers etc. The only ones who should have spoken at that memorial were friends and family members of the victims...everyone else should shut the hell up and sit the hell down. Politicians have no place at a memorial for murder victims..they only use it as a meet, greet, political hammering session. As was proved last night.

The ones raising the rhetoric level are those on the left. Don't believe me? Go look up ANY article posted that day about the shooting, a short while after the shooting..and VERY shortly after that, in the comments section, will be statements that it's Sarah Palin's fault, it's Rush Limbaugh's fault, It's Bush's fault, Its the fault of the Tea Party and their hate speech[snort], it's the fault of talk radio, It was a conspiracy headed by Karl Rove, etc etc ad nauseum. No I didn't actually see that last one but I have no doubt it's out there. I can only stand to wade thru so much sewage and stupidity, without wanting to beat the crap out of people who are obviously entirely too stupid to be allowed to breathe the same air as the rest of us. Then there were the idiots on the left using this tragedy as a political hammer to call for yet MORE gun control/gun grab laws. *facepalm*
Lets's come out in the last couple of days that gee...Loughner has had it in for Rep Giffords since 2007...before Sarah Palin ever came on the national scene. Gee big freakin shock.

Let's look at the hit parade of vitriolic rhetoric and down right BONEHEADED STUPIDITY that's come out of the democratic party and the liberal press in the last couple years shall we?

There's this famous bit of idiocy from Alan Grayson

This bit of wisdom:
"This war represents an epic failure, a national embarrassment and a moral blight." - Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)

Then there's this one from Mother Jones correspondent Adam Weinstein:
Of course, political conservatives have a vested interest in keeping this myth going. If the military is perceived as no place for dissent, for entrepreneurship, for innovative thought, then the majority of people who are likely to volunteer for military service will be politically conservative, agreeable, uninnovative thinkers. And since they're all heroes© for signing up, we nasty civilians will customarily defer to them in all matters, and our society will remain fundamentally conservative.

A list of winners from Nancy Pelosi compiled by my friends over at Black Five:

President Obama himself gave us this winner..:

This bit of genius:

Yep the liberals of the democratic party have sure raised the civility level alright. *snort*

Oh and just as a final note: who has raised the national debt by more than 4 TRILLION dollars in the last two years? Obama and the democrat controlled congress..that's who. it was at just under..or right at, 10 Trillion when he came into office. It is now as of this very second 14.03 Trillion. [thats 14 trillion, 34 billion and change by the way. how do I know? I have the link to the real time debt clock saved in my bookmarks. I check it between every few weeks to every month or so.] Boggles the mind don't it? Now just for comparison it took all the preceeding congresses and presidents .. 233 run up 10 trillion dollars of debt. Think about that..Obama, and the Pelosi led, democrat ruled, congress..have run up almost half the preceding debt total in 2yrs as it took 110 preceding congresses 233 years to run up!!!

unbelievable...but true..and just a total mind blower.

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