Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rep Garbrielle Gifford [Arizona] Shot!.

Yep another crazed gunman went off. Nothing is known about him at this time except his name Jared Laughner, that and the fact he shot 14 people. 5 of whom are at this time confirmed dead..including a 9yr old girl. Sigh..I will now wait for the very swift to come calls..for tougher gun laws. Now to counteract that may I point out that it wasn't the cops who took this man down..but of whom was *gasp!* armed and returned fire...thereby allowing a couple others to tackle this gunman and hold him til the cops could arrive? Haven't watched the other channels coverage of this..just Fox..however..I seriously doubt that little factoid is getting much play on the Massively Stupid Media channels like MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and elsewhere. After I post this I'll do a little websurfing and see if there is already a resurgence of calls for tougher gun control laws by the retarded left bloggers.

Edit 1/9/2011 930am:
Christina Taylor Greene. Aged 9. Aspiring politician/citizen jurist, just elected to her student council. Born September 11, 2001. Murdered January 8, 2011.
*sigh*...She flies with the angels now.


  1. yeah, I've had to make that little point myself to a few idiots I saw making that very statement about guns.

  2. you realize that if there was stricter gun control this shit wouldn't have happened in the first place? There would be no need to return fire.

  3. See my friends? *points to anonymous douchebag* that didn't take long at all.

  4. Joseph Capdepon IIJanuary 9, 2011 at 5:28 PM

    What idiots like the coward who did not want to reveal themselves don't seem to understand is that if someone want to kill another person, they will find a way to do it. Be it guns, a motor vehicle, knives, explosives, clubs, arrows, spears, and so on.

  5. Joseph..verily this is true. I myself have tried to explain reality to them but..*shrug* I point them in the direction of England on the failings of Gun Control..they don't listen.


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