Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Citizens carrying guns.

Time and time again..any time a tragic shooting happens. we get the calls for stiffer gun control laws, banning certain types of ammo, guns and accessories.
Virginia Tech, Columbine, The latest shooting of Rep Giffords and 13 others.

Time and time again the same people, liberal democrat politicians[hypocrites almost all because if you do some digging you'll find those screaming the loudest either own and carry guns or...have armed security.] gun control advocates like the Brady Group, Hollywood nitwits, etc, etc ad nauseum..call for gun control.
Now I'm all for control..a good grip..the right breathing technique and gently squeeze the trigger. Don't 'pull' the trigger..you'll only spoil your shot. Time and time again a lot of where these shootings happen are so called "Gun Free" Zones. Schools, shopping centers, government offices. I and others keep TELLING people that "Gun Free Zone equals Target Rich Environment" to the loons out there; and as usual..I and others who say that are held in contempt. Even as we're proven right every single time. Frankly I get sick of it.

One town in Georgia, Kennesaw, in the 80's took a different take on gun control laws. In response to a gun ban in Illinois they passed a city ordinance that required heads of households to own and maintain a gun. The crime rate dropped something like 85-90% overnight and the crime rate has remained ridiculously low..some almost 30yrs later even as the town has grown. Guntown USA..the liberal retards dubbed it. Predicting shootouts between fueding neighbors, children being shot for doing something stupid etc etc ad nauseum. As usual the liberal fucktards were proven wrong in spades.

If you read farther down in the article you'll find that crime rate is lower than it was in 1981 before they passed the law..despite having grown by a multiple of 6. current population is just over 30k. Boggles the mind don't it?

I think if I was ever to consider leaving the great state of Texas[not likely but..never say never] I might consider moving to Kennesaw.

To my fellow citizen who believe in the 2nd Amendment and enjoy shooting..keep your powder dry because considering the news of the lst 2-3 years I think we're in for some truly ugly times. To the liberal communist fucktards whining about guns and trying to bring about the very destruction of this great nation..fuck off and die.

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