Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time to start stocking up on incandescent bulbs

Why do I say this? because after 2012 the sale of same will be banned. In favor of CFL bulbs. You know? The bulbs that look like [as my friend over at Common Cents says] looks like a Curly Fry? Made in China and filled with mercury?

I do think I'm going to start and start soon..as in immediate, to buy in bulk and hoard incandescent bulbs.
Read this interesting entry from my friend over at the Common Cents blog:


now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go figure out a rough figure of how much this is gonna cost me.


  1. Can we pile them up in the front yard and jump into them like Autumn leaves? Can we load them up into a Nerf gun and fire them at unwary passersby? Can we stuff them full of insulting comments about France and float them across the Atlantic Ocean at Spain? Can we coat them with cheese and bake them into a lasagna-styled casserole?

  2. CFL's not hardly. Plus there's what it costs. I can get a pack of 4 60wt incandescents for around a buck fifty. A single CFL costs 3x as much IIRC. I'll have to look at the prices when I go shopping again.


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