Monday, January 24, 2011

New Addition

As you can see there is a new addition to my bloglist/roll...of blogs I read. UrbanGrounds is a blogsite run by a fellow Texan. I read him every day.

He posts on everything from politics to pics of his dogs and what they're up to.
He posts on the executions here in Texas. Those are entertaining in the comments they generate, particularly from what we call Thug Lovers. Now for your enlightenment Thug Lovers are exceedingly, insipidly stupid women with low self esteem who pen pal with, and in some cases even marry...the various murders, gang bangers, rapists, and other assorted low lifes in Prisons across the US and on Death Row here in Texas.

He's also been hacked and crashed 3x that I can think of, twice last year, by a group of hackers who support the islamic, syphilitic goat fucking, camel riding, usless ass bag terrorists of the world.

If you like me, you'll like him. I recommend then that you click on the embeddedl link to your left and go check him out.

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