Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keith Olbermann..senator?

Uhmmmm..that's what some lefty bloggers and activists are hoping. They're launching a campaign to try and get Olbermann to run for Joe Lieberman's seat in connecticut, because Lieberman isn't going to run for re election in 2012.

Here's a foretaste:
The ploy to coax the former MSNBC host into the Democratic Senate primary was hatched by activists attending a conference in Pennsylvania over the weekend.
Facebook and Twitter pages are already active and a website is expected to go up in the coming days.

"We’re using our full set of campaign tools but they won’t go active until we get a little downtime while we’re in D.C.," a blogger by the name of Stranded Wind wrote on the liberal website Daily Kos.

here's the link to the full blog entry on The Hill's blog pages where this was found

Notice the one blogger they named is a pants wetting blogger from the Daily Kos?

Senator Keith Olbermann...oh my what bad comedy. Hold on to your heads and your eardrums boys and girls..this is gonna get interesting if he does decide to run.

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