Wednesday, February 23, 2011 entertaining

I spend a lot of time reading my friend's blog
He did a post in the last day or so about a piece of shit that was about to get executed..for killing his young shooting it,twice at close hurt his girlfriend/wife. A wife he admitted he beat on a regular basis. Yet some piece of Eurotrash is going to have a hissy over the way we deal with our 2 legged maggots. Any time my buddy does a death penalty post he gets tons of what we call "thug lovers" chiming in, telling us we're wrong about the douchebag in question, he's just misunderstood, he needs help..yada yada etc, repeat ad nauseum. Well it was a slow roll for this current post because the day after he made it there were six responses on that post..3 of them mine. then I come in today and low and behold 1 piece of Eurotrash and one resident thug lover. Took them long enough considering some of the things my friend Robbie said in his post and me in my comments. Asked Robbie laughingly "was it something I said?" ROFL

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