Friday, February 18, 2011

Unions aren't the problem?

Really? Well lets talk about Wisconsin shall we? Let us start with THIS little bit of news that's a stunner to me.

So a city bus driver made $109,000 PLUS in OVERTIME ALONE. Which begs the question just how many hours DO you have to work to earn that much over time.

The kids in Madison haven't been in school for 3day!
The School board admins have made a statement that this is NOT considered paid leave time or APPROVED unpaid leave time. So ..also according to the same statement if those teachers are not back in school monday..with a signed [and probably verifiable] doctors note as an are going to start having your pay docked.

If I were a parent I would be LIVID. If I had the money I'd be pulling them out of the public school and putting them in a private/charter school. If I had the time..I'd be seriously contemplating homeschooling right now.

In the protests did anyone else besides me notice the almost 6ft tall blonde haired, white guy, in the long sleeve red sweater the protest sign in Arabic he carried? Which begs the question...does he know what it says? I doubt it, and neither do I..BECAUSE I DON'T FUCKING SPEAK ARABIC. Which begs the question..what is it doing at "protest rally" for "Wisconsin Teachers" ?

To me this just SCREAMS of an out of area, bussed in, and PAID protester that was brought in, handed a sign and was told "go protest".

It's reported that one of the local conservative radio show hosts in Madison has proof that a lot of these protesters are exactly that "rent a mobs". People who will protest anything, anytime, anywhere so long as they're PAID.

Oh and by the way..this is a conflict between the STATE government and the STATE TEACHERS union. So what? Pray tell is the head of the goddamn AFL-CIO union doing there? And don't tell me lending his support. Not buying it. more like playing power politics.

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