Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Zero Tolerance ...

Or to put it more accurately...yet another politically correct, overly sensitive, microdicked, pissant little  pussnuts on a power trip.
Here's the Story

*wrings hands together*  Oh my god she said H E double hockey sticks!  Whatever shall we do? We can't have that it's a bad word! snort!*

   Really ? Read your Bible lately you intolerant prick?  The book is FULL of the word HELL!  HELL! HELL! HELL!  Oh no mustn't use that  word. It might offend someone!  Seriously if you're going to go through life being worried you MIGHT offend someone, you're going to go through life looking over your shoulders, living in fear and shackled by chains of your own making. Forged from your own MASSIVE ignorance and intolerance old boy.

So because of that..you have refused to give a young lady with perfect 4.0 grade average, having met all her academic requirements in spades....her diploma? Just because she said a word that everyone uses at some point or another?   Wow...I'll be you're a registered democrat, who votes the party line, believes everything he sees on the news and believes all the blatant lies he's told by politicians.

You sir, need to get on your hands and knees, give this wonderful young lady a FULL ass kissing apology, hand her her diploma and pray to whatever god or gods that you believe in that she doesn't take you AND your peckerwood school district to trial and eviscerate you in the court room.  BTW? you're a School Principal, NOT God you cowardly little lickspittle.  NOW,KNEEL you maggot and apply lips to ass!!!

Unbelievable.  Boys and girls, we need to get our country back, and bring the government to heel or put it down.  THIS is the result of letting the government get too big. Hell this is the result of letting Government run anything.  It used to be funding for schools was strictly a city, state and county thing.  Or was run by churches.  Now because the FEDS have dictated standardization, and hand out money so long as you comply? *headshake*
We didn't have these multi million dollar air conditioned buildings that have become by and large...a warehouse for the young to learn absolutely nothing in, except narcissism and apathy.  We had smaller school districts and classrooms where the kids were by and large, better educated.  Hell did you know that back before the Feds took over that by and large most kids knew their maths up through trigonometry by the time they left primary school? What we refer to as K-12 nowadays.

Which brings me to a minor nit that happened to yours truly yesterday.  I belong to a website for an author run on a day to day basis by a couple moderators. The author in question does actually post there from time to time. I won't name him, but suffice to say he's a well known popular thriller writer.  Now over on that board I censor myself greatly because I've been taken to task before for swearing.  So outside of being occasionally very descriptive I don't get grotesque.

Now a month ago in the "news" forum I posted the following link and commentary:


I don't know. Is is just me or is it that irregardless of how bad things are between the parents [IOW doesn't matter if things were better between them] was this a real Douchbag thing to do or not?  I'm leaning towards major league d-bag myself.

Now a MONTH later one of the other members wants to come across all preachy and shit? The following is what he wrote:
"s it possible for you to write a post without using harsh language (misspelled harsh language)? Just make your point like a grown up. This is a discussion forum and lots of the members are women. People don't come here to throw around profanity like this is some youtube comment section. It's not like your comments are spontaneous spoken words, you're typing. And there is no such word as "irregardless"

*snort*  My more temperate reply to him on the board was to tell him to that if he didn't like what I had to say, simply ignore it and move on...like a normal human being,  Had I been able to post what I wanted.....
A. As a matter of fact irregardless IS a word...it's common usage and doesn't have a definition but Websters does acknowledge it's existence thank you very fucking much
B.  Wow there are women on this board too?  Holy Shit! Well, Golly Gee Beaver, I never fucking noticed! Not. At. All.
C. That post and comment have been up for a MONTH! Yep it was so offensive the moderators didn't even bother to take me to task for it or edit it/delete it, themselves! Yet you wanna come up all butt hurt and holier than thou a month later? And say how how harsh my language is?  Hahahahahahaha, hahahaha. haha,...ha!  Now that's funny!  Annoying but still funny.   If you're going to go through life getting offended at anything descriptive [and in this case wholly accurate] I or anyone else might say in a derogatory way in regards to a story...I feel sad for you dude. I'll tell you what..from now on...just ignore anything I might post because it might offend you.  Grow the fuck up and leave me the hell alone.

Seriously though lads and lasses?  All this "holier than thou, politically correct, can't freely speak your mind for fear of offending someone" bullshit annoys the living hell out of me. So I like to rub peoples noses in it, in as deeply an offending manner as possible. In the hopes they might wake the hell up.

Remember  TANSTAAFL and....
I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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  1. Trying to teach the stupid is like trying to believe that school makes someone wise. Only idiots believe it. And, Wolf, Cuss all the fuck you want.
    Just my two cents.



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