Saturday, August 18, 2012

One last post for the day. people think a march protesting violence against women will solve anything?  Really?
Wow.  Understand something my friends. PROTESTING violence against women be it rape or some other form of violence..accomplishes exactly nothing.   Why for do I say such a mean, heartless thing?  Because it's true, you well meaning idiots.  Violence against women be it abuse or NOT a political issue, it's a criminal one.  If you want your daughters, your wives, your sisters, your aunts, your nieces, your mothers...hell ANY woman in your life, to be safe?  There is only one option. TEACH THEM TO FIGHT BACK AND DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM THE BASTARDS!  Get them the gift of a class of  a self defense type.  Be it martial arts or Krav Maga. Get them interested in firearms, because a self assured woman with a gun in her hand, intimate knowledge of how to use it, and a willingness to pull that trigger...will make the perpetrator run screaming like a little bitch. Or he'll stick around, not believing she has the will.....and end up a corpse. In either case he ceases to be an immediate problem.  Frankly I'd rather she make the bastard a corpse because then he ceases to be a problem for anybody, outside of the mortician, and the burial crew.

In all seriousness...get them interested in guns.  Guns aren't evil. They are simply a tool. Neither good bad or indifferent. They don't, contrary to the popular belief of the anti gun crowd, have a will of their own.  Plus, they are FUN to shoot!  A 100lb woman with knowledge of self defense, a gun, knowledge of same  and a will to pull the trigger is the BETTER of, not just the equal of, of any 280-300lb mugger or drunk asshole who thinks he's gonna get laid, who cares to be stupid enough to lay a hand on her or threaten her life.


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    1. thought you'd enjoy this one LArry. :)

  2. Some people can't distinguise between wants and needs, and think that FEELING change things....
    Like twits who think Consensus Math is valid.


    1. Damn....can't spell for shit today.

    2. ROFL...welcome to the "oops" club. I've been a member in good standing for...welll...since I started learning out to write.


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