Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Geez people! a short rant.


Ow.  What brought that on?  Well all these commercials for Fast Unsecured or Payday loans are nothing but legal loan sharking.  Do you people who do this shit EVER read the fine fucking print?

Lets take my favorite one right now. Western Sky Loans

Now if you've seen the commercials you know they claim, no credit checks, no this no that.

      But if you read the fine print...if you take a $10,000 loan and just make monthly payments...thats 84 monthly payments at 89.9% interest for $743.99 per month.  IOW you borrow $10 are repaying them to the tune of almost $62,500   If you could AFFORD to pay back the loan in full before you have to make the monthly payments...would you borrow it in the FIRST place?

Then there's Loans for your Car Title.  Understand something you halfwitted apes. You are in the simplest terms...offering up your car to them as collateral.  As assurance that you will pay the debt. They then, if they decide to give you the money your asking for...put a lien against your car.  If you don't pay back the money they loaned lose your car!  It's THEIRS now. Got it?  So now you are out what is probably your sole means of transportation and any money you'd managed to repay to them.

Those are just two in particular that piss me off big time. So ask either of those ideas, considering the consequences, sound like real good ideas to you?  No?  Me either.

Remember boys and girls

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. They closed them down in FL, they were charging something like 245% interest.

  2. there's a certain percent, and it's remarkably low, above which it's pretty much impossible to pay off the loan.

  3. evmick...
    Ten percent, isn't it? After that you might as well call the leg breakers. or their kinder, gentler (laughs) irs.


  4. We are very slightly changed
    From the semi-apes who ranged
    India's prehistoric clay;
    Whoso drew the longest bow,
    Ran his brother down, you know,
    As we run men down today.

    "Dowb," the first of all his race,
    Met the Mammoth face to face
    On the lake or in the cave,
    Stole the steadiest canoe,
    Ate the quarry others slew,
    Died—and took the finest grave.

    When they scratched the reindeer-bone
    Someone made the sketch his own,
    Filched it from the artist—then,
    Even in those early days,
    Won a simple Viceroy's praise
    Through the toil of other men.

    Ere they hewed the Sphinx's visage
    Favoritism governed kissage,
    Even as it does in this age.

    Who shall doubt the secret hid
    Under Cheops' pyramid
    Was that the contractor did
    Cheops out of several millions?
    Or that Joseph's sudden rise
    To Comptroller of Supplies
    Was a fraud of monstrous size
    On King Pharoah's swart Civilians?

    Thus, the artless songs I sing
    Do not deal with anything
    New or never said before.

    As it was in the beginning,
    Is today official sinning,
    And shall be forevermore.

    Thank God for Kipling!

  5. I do believe that's one of the few times over the years that someone has kippled in my comments! well done! :)

  6. Wolf

    Everyone should be kippled occassionaly.



    You need a vacation!



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