Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Celebration.

So what are you doing to be anti celebratory about Earth Day, friends?

Let's see I started celebrating earlier this week by cutting the back yard.  Yesterday I anti celebrated some more by starting to hack on the big tree out in my front yard with a  pole saw.  I will do some more of that today.  I will also if I have the energy afterwords hack on the chunk of tree that over hangs waaaay low from my neighbors yard into mine.  After that I'm going to grill some steaks.  If I have energy left after that?  I might wash the cars. 

What are YOU going to do?  Get out there and ANTI celebrate Earth Day you pikers! Cut the grass and edge and trim with EVIL gas powered movers, edgers and trimmers.  Get out there and wash your cars with EVIL harmful chemicals like *gasp!*.............................. 
SOAP!   Get out there and cut down a tree! Or at least Prune it some.   Hell get out there and GRILL some MEAT on a charcoal or gas grill dang it!  Make the Earth Day twerps outraged and make the Fire God[and your tummy] happy!

Yep lets all be EVIL, logical, inventive tool using human beings! Rape, Loot, Pillage and THEN Burn! 

the point being children I don't mind "conservancy", not at all.  I do however absolutely loathe the "Earth First, Humans a distant second"  back stabbing elitist halfwits who seem to have this delusion that technology is a bad thing. all the, like the lamentable and hypocritical "occupy" movement spread their messages of ignorance using computers and phones, while sipping on triple iced latte frappes from Starbucks.

This concludes my Maniacal,
Evil, Anti Earth post for the day..

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. I am smoking a chicken. And, I might go to the range.

  2. Smoking a chicken is good. I need to pick up more charcoal for me to do that tomorrow or tuesday. Which leads to the question. Come on dude! what about the yardz and the treez! :)

  3. Did gunfight reenactments all weekend which means a LOT of sulpher and smoke released into the atmosphere.

  4. I Brewed up some of my beans and hamhocks..and is gonna do some jerky tommorow..
    it's in the fridge...collecting it's goodness:)
    Into the smoker it will go!


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