Sunday, April 29, 2012

People who shouldn't be allowed to drive.

Look...I get tired of the near misses I'm involved in every damn day. I know my truck driving friends are waaay passed aggravated about this and have been for a long while now.
What is one of the most BASIC rules of driving you should learn, memorize and follow if you want to avoid fender benders?
How about the Speed/distanced maintained rule. Or as some call it the 2 [or 3] second rule.  What it amounts to is this. For every 5mph of speed you drive, you must maintain a car length of separation distance between you and the car in front of you. So in most urban areas where the speed limit tends to be 30-35mph on those surface need to maintain at least 7 car lengths between you and the car in front of you.  On the Freeways, where here in Texas the freeway speed limit runs at 65mph most places you need to keep 13 car lengths of separation between you and the car in front of you. I try but it ends up being pointless because people take it as an invitation to fill the space.  Which so long as I can maintain at least 7 car lengths...I really try not to stress about it too much.  I know that even at 7lengths @ 65 mph I'm still gonna likely hit the stupid bastard who cut me off then slammed on his brakes...but it also might give me just enough time to SWERVE. 
Lets look at another rule of the road.  STAY RIGHT. What this means is that if your on a divided 2 lane highway[one lane going either direction] in order to keep from head onning with oncoming traffic you STAY RIGHT! IOW you stupid twits STAY IN YOUR GODDAMN LANE!  It also means on surface roads you need to do this, in regards to medians...
 holy crap! common sense?

Hell if people would just follow those 2 simple rules and A. stay off the goddamn cellphones/ B.stop putting on your makeup while you drive...ladies. C.stop eating and driving. ...okay mea culpa, mea culpa on that last one...but not often...

I'd be willing to bet that everyone following those 5 simple stupid little rules of the road...would probably drop traffic fatalities by at least 1/3, if not by half.

So everyone...lets follow these little rules of the road and not be dickheads shall we?

If you CAN'T at least TRY?  give your license back, sell your car and stay home.

*small footnote on the distance maintained rule. It also depends on whether you have wet or dry conditions. [if the road is wet  DOUBLE the distance] and what kind and how heavy/long a vehicle you drive.


  1. A lil road rage goes a long way Curly Wolf.

    Just for your enjoyment.

    1. man they need to run that one here in CONUS. Sadly in the case of most of the teenagers out there it will fall on blind eyes, deaf ears, brains stuck in neutral. :) They all think they know best, They think we're being mean old fogies and they think they are invincible. I get saddened by the news reports of accidents like the one in the video that prove their not. I think the same will apply to many adults as well.

  2. "Look...I get tired of the near misses I'm involved in every damn day."

    Methinks, you may be your own problem

    1. not hardly. I'm surround by people who got their licenses out of crackerjack boxes and took their lessons from a fucking bumper car ride!

  3. Put manson an your MiL in the same cell and see who walks out alive?

    Hell...make it a pay per view event.
    One...not I gunga din. I just joined this here shindig.

  4. I still brace for shock while hitting someone..
    it makes it easier to boot the boot in while they are down..
    who said that?


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