Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Constitution, The Government and You

Lets talk for a short bit boys and girls.Many of the people have been failing miserably in their duty as citizens to our country.  How?  Why by electing unscrupulous people who tell us exactly what we want to hear, so as to secure our votes and then once in office they turn around and screw us.  The politicians in turn are failing because frankly, I doubt most of them have read the constitution, let alone fully comprehended it since GRADE SCHOOL.  Politicians get ELECTED in their district.  They are then supposed to go to DC and do what's best for the country as a whole.  That's not what they're doing though. What they are doing is going to DC and playing games with everyone elses money to play favorites in their own districts and states to try and secure re election during the following cycle.  It's become a vote buying game. An endless cycle of greed and stupidity that we as a people seem to be trapped in. Understand this...The Constitution is an article of negative liberties in regards to the government. It tells the government what it may and may not do, in regards to the citizens of the states.

How many people have actually READ the constitution in recent years, recent months, recent weeks, or even the last couple of DAYS?

The 7th Circuit court back in 1982 as part of a decision wrote the following "The constitution is a charter of negative liberties. It tells the state to let the people alone, it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as providing law and order."

What it means to YOU as a human being is this. NO ONE has a right to tell you how to live your life, how, where and what to worship. How to earn your living, where you earn it, how and where to spend it etc etc ad nauseum, so long as you don't bring harm to others.  The problem we've run into is who decides the definition of harm?  Who decides what constitutes harm in other words.  Who decides the "punishment" for inflicting that harm?  For a long time now that power has been vested in a government and a bunch of lawyers cum faceless bureaucrats, whose lot in life they've decided, is to micromanage yours.  A government and bunch of faceless bureaucrats and the several hundred privelaged fuckwits of the United States Congress.  None of whom SEE the people as anything other than votes to keep their OWN asses in the seats of power they've acquired.  None of whom see the people as anything other than a wallet to pilfer for money to do with as THEY wish.  The only time they see the people, is when they look down to see what it is they're stepping on.

Are you really free?  Think about it. For that matter think about what your definition of the word freedom is.
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Now follow me ptolemy and see if you grok what I'm about to say.

Freedom isn't really about freedom to eat what you want, fuck who you want, do what you want. Those are just bonuses or rewards of freedom if you will. Hell file them under the "Pursuit of happiness"* in the Constitution and let us move on.

Freedom is not worrying about where your next meal will come from because some bureaucrat/dictator has decided that you have too much and it should be shared equally and fairly among ALL;  and confiscates all your money and goods  to give to people who fucking well haven't earned them.

 Freedom is not wondering if the same faceless fucking bureaucrat/dictator is going to order someone to put a bullet in your brain, or bomb/burn your home out, or otherwise "disappear" you, because you dared to criticize them.

Freedom means not worrying about some faceless bureaucrat/dictator takes a liking to your wife or daughter, then  beating/shooting or having you beaten senseless/shot; then raping  your wife or daughter, then shooting or has shot all of you and leaves you for dead.

THAT is what Freedom is. 

One of my friends made the comment on her FB wall the other day in regards to a political cartoon showing a couple guys hiding giant soda cups behind their backs as a government drone flew by.  This is of course in reference to Mayor Bloomberg of NYC's proposal to pass a law BANNING [dear god how I hate that fucking word] large drinks and confining restaurants to cup sizes of no more than 16oz.  Trying to micromanage your life yet again in NYC. My friend said "yeah never mind the real threats"  To which I pointed out that this WAS a real threat. It is boys and girls. If you give government or allow government to TAKE that much control over your lives through little things like this, then you CEASE to be free.   Every law like the one proposed by Bloomberg is yet one more chain of the governments forging.  A slave chain.  [see the subtitle under the name of my blog boys and girls to see how I feel about that]  So to my friends and other people who think that this is trivial I ask you this. Choose now, are you going to live your life as a free man or women? With all the risks and responsibilities that pertain to that freedom?  Or are you going to live in "comfort" as a slave  Let me put is another way.  The more power over your life you give the government, the less "freedom of choice" you have.  The more power you give over to the government, the more likely it is your children, all, everyone's  children;  will be paying the price for your blind and willful ignorance. Life IS Risk..  You risk death and dismemberment every time you set foot out of your door. Hell you risk it daily in your own fucking house! If you give the government all the power and control over your life trying to control that risk, to get the "government" to provide you safety...*snort* then all you are is a rat in a maze.  running the maze for the cheese reward at the end.

*clap, clap, clap, clap*
Congratulations instead of a free thinking, free living human being,  you're now a lab rat with no rights at all.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

P.S. for Anonymous, AKA Leaper.  You go right ahead and keep posting my stuff Leaper.. I responded finally to some of your other comments. Sorry it took so long. I did mention I was being a tad sporadic right? :P


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    Da Curly Wolf....

    Come over here and comment:)

    WE could use more people with some common sense.

    just read the comments on the stories. I think you might find some stuff that will make you want to comment.




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