Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti and the stupids

Look, what has happened is a tragedy. No one denies that. However some of the responses to it...I'll even grant my own initial response wasn't logical so much as cynical. I'd heard that one of the buildings that fell down was the UN HQ. I clapped and said very sacrastically 'oh gee..ain't that a shame?' that has more to do with my complete lack of respect for the UN, possibly the most useless body on the face of the earth.
However by now everyone has heard of Pat Robertson's response that it was punishment for a making a deal with the devil in the late 1700's; as well as Daniel Glover's response that it was basically the earth responding to the LACK of us getting anything accomplished in Copenhagen in regards to global warming. Also that the United States has oppressed Haiti[as well as other carribean nations] and needs to stop oppressing Haiti. *facepalm, headwall*

First to the right Rev Pat Robertson: Paddy boy..I think that, like the terrorists and radical islam extremists that want to destroy are gonna be sorely disappointed come judgement day. I have this vision of St Peter kicking Pat in the balls right before he tosses him off the cloud. 'Message from the BOSS Patrick. you were an EPIC FAIL! Have a nice trip, seeya next fall' *shove and the sound of Pat screamin as he falls*

AS far as Daniel Glover's remarks are concerned: Oppressed? Really? Is THAT how you feel Dannyboy? *says da wolf with a dangerous gleam in his eyes* REALLY? okay fine. you don't want Haiti to be oppressed? Bring home all the US Soldiers that are currently flying and already have flown in to provide help. Repack, and recall the planes full of supplies and aid. Tell the Carl Vinson group they can come home. Oh and put out a general press release to the American People that we can no longer continue to oppress the Haitian people so don't get together materials and money to give them since we REALLY don't want to seem as if we're oppressing them. Oh and if the Haitians want to know why we're pulling out? set up a gas generator with a tv and dvd player before we leave, and play a disc of Mr Glover's remarks.

Lets get something straight. I'm willing to bet money I don't even HAVE that when the final tally is done; that the United States and her people by ourselves, will have contributed as much, if not *more* aid and money than ALL the other countries *combined*!and in the middle of an economic down spiral no less.
There was a story I heard from an online friend, that at one local church alone, they have already bought and stuffed full of materials, 4 CONEX SHIPPING CONTAINERS.[thats the big ribbed cargo containers you see stacked up on the big cargo ships and hauled around by trains and big rigs or sitting in wally world parking lots for extra storage]
That's just one church boys and girls, just ONE. Yep we're really oppressing the Haitian peoples. Anyone wanna bet just how much of that stuff is going to get where it's supposed to go? As in the Haitians that need help..and NOT the black market to stuff some greedy, corrupt little fucktard's pockets full of cash?

Is my rant a rational reaction to the idiots like Robertson and Glover? No but it's an entirely human one. I'd like to kick em both right in the ass.

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