Friday, January 29, 2010

OBL and the Green Agenda

Okay, apparently Osama 'goatfucker' bin Laden came out with a video today with the Green/Global Warming agenda. Agreeing with such green weenies as Algore, and Pres. Obama's former 'green job czar' Van Jones; in saying it's all our fault. Our as in The U.S. and the other western nations, and it's our fault that Global Warming exists. I haven't googled to find the video yet..and I won't bother since my puter is acting so..hinky lately. Now would someone hand me the brain bleach so I can clean the mental stench of OBL agreeing with green weenies, out of my head? And hand me the dice..I may need to roll a sanity check while I'm at it, to make sure I'm not hallucinating that little bit of news.

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  1. See, wolfie? All progressives are the same, brothers in arms against the evil of capitalism. OBL and (obviously) Obama are flip sides of the same America hating coin. Obama-lama-ding-dong hides his (not well tho) and OBL screeches his to the world. Both will come to the same failed conclusion. Peacefully, via ballot box in Prez Dinga-ling's case, I hope...



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