Monday, February 1, 2010

Commentary on the news of the day, week..whatever

I'm going to give you a minute to decide whether you want to read this. Since I AM thoroughly pissed at that moment and I am gonna cuss and let it hang out.






Still here? oooookay. Hammer down.

First I give you my current thoughts on The Christmas Day forever renamed by me as 'The Wangless Bomber'. In a fit of unbelievable stupidity the Fibies [thats FBI for those who don't know nicknames] mirandized Mr Wangless withing 45 goddamn minutes. Here's the kicker,, Mr Wangless has apparently told them that he has info on more planned attacks.
My commentary..are you guys REALLY that goddamn stupid? He should have been handed over to the military for a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. Now the ONLY way we'll get the 'information' Wangless supposedly has is to give the little fucker a plea deal! Whether he actually has any info is debatable. However if he has it, we NEED it. AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!

In a FURTHER fit of un FUCKING believable stupidity in regards to KSM and his accomplices. Press pansy Gibbs..the mouthpiece of the Obama Admin went on NATIONAL fucking television sunday morning and said 'They [refrering to KSM and his boys] will be tried, found guilty and he WILL be executed' no if ands or buts, but a declarative statement that the trial and all the rest are merely a formality..that it's already in the cards. *HEADDESK HEADDESK HEADDESK*
My commentary: Hey Fucktards..are you TRYING to get the goddamn case thrown out? Because I can gauran-fucking-ty you that the defense attorneys for these islamic assholes will try and do just that saying that; A. the statement was prejudicial and that, B. since it was said on national goddamn television, it means there is no where that KSM can get a fair trial. Odds that it will get thrown out? I Don't know..but I know Obama's mouthpiece just fucking increased the favor of the islamic terrorists. Now isn't that lovely? Gee I can think of so many...entertaining ways to thank Mr Gibbs properly.

Obama's budget..he's proposing an almost $4 trillion budget for 2010. Best commentary I've heard so far from a business analyst today on Fox, "The Obama administration is spending money like a drunken sailor. The difference being, the SAILOR can't spend money he doesn't have!" Oh so true.

Its coming out today that James O'Keefe..the young filmmaker who showed us ACORN's true colors was arrested. That part isn't new news. What is new news is that it's now coming out that he was held for 28hrs without being able to talk to a lawyer or make a phone call. Lets get this straight..a terrorist gets arrested and mirandized and is lawyered up in less than 24hrs; and has his wholly unearned rights in force. Yet one of our own citizens is held incommunicado for 28hrs before being allowed his phonecall or a lawyer? What. The. FUCK?! I'll be watching Fox tonight to hear more on this.

Right..tell me again our goddamn government isn't out of control. Go ahead..tell me..*snort*


  1. Our government isn't out of control?
    Hey wolf...our government isn't out of control!
    There, I said it.


  2. Uh huh...and I still don't believe it..


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