Thursday, February 18, 2010

Austin Plane Crash

What? haven't heard the news? A taxpayer finally blew his lid and decided to strike at the crashing a plane into a building that houses the office of the IRS in Austin.
Shocking? Hmmm..kinda sorta. We've got a government matter which party is in charge, doesn't really pay much attention to the taxpayers. You know..the rest of us poor schlubs who make their wholly unearned and obscenely exorbitant salaries possible?
In the current administration we've got a government who is blithely spending us into 3rd world status and utter bankruptcy. You've heard the pundits and businessmen who will tell you "Hell my GRANDCHILDREN won't be able to pay off this debt we're incurring let alone make the monthly payments." Sadly..I think that's being sunshiney about the whole thing.
We've got a government who we tell 'Stop Spending and Lower Taxes Dammit!' You see em doing that? Neither do I.
I could go one with examples but why bother.

My only shock about Stack blowing his top and striking at a government he likens to jack booted thugs, is that it didn't happen sooner.

Sadly..I think it's just a foreshadowing of the bad days I can see coming. I am not real thrilled about this either.

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