Monday, February 8, 2010

A damn good read

I present to you the novel LIVE FREE OR DIE by John Ringo. The first in trilogy called Troy Rising. A story for our time..hell for ALL times. I will give to you first, a quote from near the beginning of the book..
"..Liberty is an odd word. And for a long time it has been in truth..degraded. Many who use the word liberty in truth meant libertine. And even those who fought in our courts and legislature over questions of liberty, in truth meant things that are minor at best and puerile at worst. As we have now found out, liberty is not about where you can put your sexual organs but about the essential question of whether we, as a people, can make our own decisions. And security is not about whether the government should be able to tap our phone but about whether we are going to allowed to take the next breath. Will our cities be ashes? will we live? will our children live?"

I will now give to you the link from amazon. BTW don't pay any attention to the Publishers Weekly review. Those fuctards don't like a good military, fight story unless its an object lesson on the evils of big corporations, military view points and anyone who might actually stand up for himself and his fellow man.

I command you my minions..Go forth, buy the novel, enjoy it and then go proslytize to the heathen. :)


  1. I love the book! Done gone and read the earc 5-6 times already!


  2. so have I..but I do so love a dead tree in hand. speaking of e-arcs though. Considering your latest trauma I hate to ask. I don't suppose.......

  3. *facepalm* never mind..forget I asked. I just checked my gmail. thanks, brother mine.


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