Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiger Woods

There's all this big media brouhaha over the pending Tiger Woods news conference. "What will he say?" "Will Elin be there and say she's standing by her man?" Since there is a tournament on tomorrow is he saying "Yeah I'll just schedule my news conference in the middle of your golf tourney and we'll see who gets the viewers and ratings?" Yada, YAda, so on and so forth.
They did a man on the street type thing on ESPN Sportscenter today. The very last person they asked about Tiger Woods was an elderly black gentlemen. His reaction? I don't remember the exact qoute but..'Tiger Woods? We've got bigger things in the world to worry about so why are you making THIS your major story?'
That's pretty much my own reaction. We've got bigger fish to fry, the war on terror for one, and Iran working on getting nukes for another. [not that either one of those is a shock to any one with a functioning brain.

Tiger Woods? Who gives a flying fuck? I don't.

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