Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's wrong?

We've gotten...inventive at being lazy. In the last 20yrs the 'infomercials' have just exploded. Hawking what I consider to be useless crap.
like some of Ronco's stuff. their stupid countertop oven. Hey numbnuts..I've GOT a perfectly good oven. What the hell do I wanna pay you 2-300dollars for another one for? It cooks faster? Uhmm hello..microwave?

Or the knives that never need sharpening. I personally call horseshit and even if they work..why in the hell would you want to pay for that when you can just be NOT lazy and buy a sharpening rod? Helloooooo.

One of the latest? The Slapchop. *facepalm* Why..on god's green earth do I want to add another useless plastic piece of shit to my kitchen utensils. Especially one that will almost certainly break with in a year or two? Helllloooo..that's what a knife is for.

The Jupiter Jack? Okay that one I can see the utility of..but I've got a better about not spending so much damn time on the PHONE and pay attention to where your driving? Also with the jupiter jack I've talked to several people who actually bought it. They all decry it unanimously as a useless piece of crap.

Now I'll grant you there have been some of these kinds of things for repairs that catch my interest and I think would probably be worth it if they actually work?
Some of the tools and such hawked by the late Billy Mays mostly.

We're so concerned with getting there faster, we don't slow down to enjoy life anymore. So ease up. don't buy into or just flat out buy something because it's supposed to be the latest and the greatest. After all whats wrong with the OLD way of doing whatever the newfangled jibberjobber is supposed to replace?
there in lies the destruction of the American Way of life..we're more concerned with buying the latest toys than actually DOING/BUILDING anything lasting.

Just some food for thought.


  1. LOL! "Damn kids and their loud nasty music! When I was a kid we banged two rocks together for music as we walked to school, 12 miles. Uphill. Both ways. Damn little punks, with their pants down around their ankles, mutter, mutter, mumble, mumble..."


    john da basset


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