Monday, April 20, 2009

what the hell?

You know..all this crap coming down the pike. I mean cyber czar, border czar, drug czar etc etc ad nauseum. I wonder how many people understands what that word truly means. then you've got these reports..the one that was leaked out of the DHS, targeting and branding with the same brush all conservatives, war vets or anyone who opposes the government and is standing up to say 'what the fuck do you people think you're doing?' as radical rightwing extremists. Operation Vigilant Eagle with targets specifically war veterans. These people are pissing me off.
But then someone said something to thats got me to thinking..what if 'pissing people off' is exactly the desired effect of these "reports" What if they are being 'leaked' or released to get precisely that reaction. Is the government trying to provoke a violent reaction so they can clamp down completely and toss away the bill of rights and the constitution for 'the good and safety of the nation'?
Government controls, power and reach have been expanding more and more over the last couple of Decades. So is it just a conspiracy theory and I'm a nut for even wondering about it?

I honestly don't think I'm nuts. As to whether this 'conspiracy theory' is just that a theory being bandied about instead of jury is still out and at the moment is deadlocked.

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