Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interesting times..

Lets see a War against Terrorism on multiple fronts, escalating drug violence in Mexico, A sitting US President and Congress hellbent on turning America into another of the worlds Socialist Utopia's, A new outbreak of Swine flu thats killed around 70people in Mexico, the fact that.,.this particular swine flue is a genetic mix of Avian/Swine/Human flu, and my own personal belief that at least SOME of the aforementioned are inextricably linked [as in I think there's someone behind the misery actively seeding it] and you get the idea that I'm not a happy camper? Well that was a good guess.

Sigh...I HATE the chinese curse conotation of the title phrase. Why? Well, because we ARE living in interesting the chinese curse sense of the phrase; and I'm not enjoying it..thats why.

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