Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party Protests

Awesome possum dude! The local one was anywhere between 3-5k depending on which news station you listened to. No drama, no arrests, no effigy burnings, not a lot of hate. Just a bunch of folks listening to good music, several good speakers and expressing themselves in a civilized manner. The expected ACORN plants never materialized at ours. The cops were pretty cool, lots of mounted officers. Playing with horses is fun! I stayed about 2hrs would have stayed longer but had to catch my ride. as it was the pictures some of my group members have posted are time/date stamped and any number of them were still out there at 830..4 and a half hours after the speakers started and stopped. I was contemplating a 2nd amendment support protest/party but wasn't able to make it to that one.

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