Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watch liberals explode with outrage

sarcasm, contempt and the usual name calling bullshit on a thread on facebook. 
One of my favorite authors Larry Corriea got involved in thread on facebook yesterday that started out okay....and then just kinda devolved into a free for all. The original poster deleted the whole thing from her page...but thankfully someone who was active on it saved it.  Here it is...on Larry's blog.
Warning...keep all food and drink away from your mouth while reading this. If you don't, don't come whining to me when you splatter your keyboard and monitor. That is all

Let the hilarity commence


  1. Fucking Priceless!


  2. Plant a tree,
    tear it down when the sidewalk cracks.
    The city attacks,
    when it falls on your heads,
    Quick! Call Forestry (Smokey the bear)
    and stolen funds for snacks.

    Close the roads, and camping sites,
    We don't want no vacation fights!
    Save a tree and drink some, "Simple" tea.
    Build a rail to pocket your BOOK,
    While choking the public when they shout, "Crook".
    Save the dingo and the dingbat owl,
    Save the beatle that that eats the trees.
    Sing the anthem and praise for words, in fact,
    equate to him as deed.

    Fucking moonbeam!



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